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what is the medical term for oil

Ointment: An oil-based preparation that is applied to the skin. Whereas an ointment has an oil base, a cream is water soluble.

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In a medium skillet over medium heat, heat the oil until shimmering.

The State Department found that with high oil prices, the tar sands would be mined for oil , pipeline or no.

Go carefully over the film with an oil -immersion lens, using a mechanical stage if available.

When the time comes to hop back on the saddle, all the necessary moving parts are already tuned and oil ed.

Movement to know that she was attired in appropriate costume—short frock, biped continuations and a mannish oil -skin hat.

Q. Does fish-oil helps exercise induced asthma? I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma a couple of year ago, and since then had better and worse times with my asthma, although the treatment I get. I read in a newspaper that fish oil can help exercise induced asthma- is that true? Do I have to eat fish-oil specifically or can I eat fish instead (I really, really, hate fish-oil…)?

Q. if someone is allergic to olive trees, does that mean they are allergic to olive oil as well?

Q. I am wondering if any of you are ENTHUSED about the use of COCONUT OIL. I ask because it IS SATURATED FAT. I have trouble losing weight. That inculdes getting cold frequently, and was wondering if cocounut oil would help me maintain body temperture more easily. Also, I have notice that SOME claim that coconut oil has many health benefits not affiliated with polyunsaturates.