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ultra cbd oil tincture

As such, all Ultra CBD products are produced in a NSF cGMP-certified facility, and a lab test from SCLabs confirm the cannabinoid contents and safety profiles. Batches are carefully tracked, labeled, and packaged. The dark glass bottle with dropper is the ideal form of delivery.

The other stabilizing ingredients include water, pure vegetable glycerin, and natural flavoring.

Ingredients And Taste

Overall, the Ultra CBD brand should be thought of and used as a nutritional supplement rather than a medicine designed to treat a given ailment. For patients seeking cannabis extracts high in resinous cannabinoids [e.g. plant based medicines that are designed to treat specific ailments], you may want to consider products that are derived from whole-plant cannabis oil.

UltraCBD™ contains the full profile of CBD, CBDA, CBC & CBG cannabinoids. It is a tasty, convenient everyday use supplement that is derived from hemp stalk extract using CO2 methods. The UltraCBD™ supplement has been …

Awareness of CBD’s benefits has dramatically increased demand for quality, pure supplements. To meet this demand, Ultra CBD has entered the market with a new tincture (available in two separate doses) designed to have mass appeal.

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CBD Ultra™ droppers offer pure isolated CBD oil derived from hemp. Available as a DAILY MAINTENANCE dose to help regulate and balance the Endocannabinoid System. Each bottle contains 30 servings at 50mg CBD Oil per serving (1500mg CBD Oil per bottle). Fast-acting sublingual drops. May also be used as a food additive!

Sherry M. Pro Ana helps me balance my mood and mellow my hot flashes during menopause.It’s a little pricey but is worth it.

CBD Ultra Tincture Reviews

Carolyn T. I take procana and have order it several months and have yet to receive it

Laurence S. I am very disappointed with your dropper not being marked for volume ,it makes it very hard to accurately dispense my doses.

Kelly O. I suffer with Osteoarthritis & RHEUMATOid arthritis & I tried this and it worked immediately!I personally love it and will continue to use it