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thrive cbd oil canada

“This is a great milestone for the industry, and in true Thrive spirit, it is another first for our incredible team,” said Thrive CEO Geoff Hoover. “We look at farmgate retail as an opportunity to extend the incredible work being done by our retail partners across Canada. We plan to use this platform as an educational tool for our consumers and partnered retailers to learn more about our product and our corporate ethos. This collaboration with the OCS and AGCO would not be possible without our amazing partners at The Entourage Collective, Cova Software, Dutchie, and Puff Digital.”

About Thrive Cannabis

As the company continues its expansion into Western Canada, Thrive Cannabis has entered the Alberta market via the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission (AGLC). Thrive will be launching 10 SKUs in market initially, with plans to roll out the remainder of the portfolio in the near future. With the first shipment leaving before the end of April, Thrive’s products will be available for purchase in Alberta in early May. Nicholson adds, “As we take our first steps into the Alberta market we have, once again, been taken aback by the eagerness of our retail partners to see more premium extracts enter the space. With visits to over 100 stores in Alberta thus far, I couldn’t be prouder to bring our Terp Slush, Diamonds, Live Resin Vape Cartridges and Afghani Drifter Flower back to my home province of Alberta. I feel strongly that these premium offerings are sure to complement an already thriving concentrate market.”

Provincial Update

“Thrive is offering some of the best and most innovative concentrates, flower, and ingestibles on the market,” says Colin Bambury, Head of Marketing for THC Canada, a BC-based cannabis retailer that carries Thrive’s products. “Its Live Resin Terp Slush resonates with our enthusiast customers who are looking for high-quality dabbable options at a fair price. The seven-gram Afghani Drifter Flower is impressive, and has drawn customers in to try it. Lastly, the Being Oral Strips are one of the most exciting innovations in Canadian cannabis, offering customers a higher dose than they would be allowed to purchase in a candy or chocolate. We’re very pleased with Thrive’s products and our customers are enjoying them.”

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