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sol cbd oil reviews

Sol CBD doesn’t want to be a mediocre CBD company; it’s pushing its limits by incorporating quality-focused models into its daily work. SOL CBD is a high integrity brand that seeks to provide clean and powerfully verified hemp in every batch. They use domestic hemp grown in Colorado’s pristine organic conditions to offer a CBD product of even better quality. The Sol CBD team uses Miron glass to talk a lot about the quality of its products for different packaging.


Updated on July 20, 2021 – Written by Healthcanal Staff
Medically reviewed by Kimberly Langdon, MD

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Their CBD products are monitored at every assembly stage, and they exceed most of the industry’s standards. The ability to modify and develop to meet customer needs and expectations enables consistent development and innovation. If you are looking for a company that hasn’t found Money Driven but is more of a quality product and education, SOL CBD is really worth checking out! Check our updated Sol CBD review.


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Oksana Ostrovsky and her husband, Larry, are the founders of Sol CBD. Their passion for helping others naturally improve their lives has been a key driving force for the couple, and their reason for entering the CBD market.

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With CBD-infused skincare, pet tinctures, and a myriad of other traditional products, Sol CBD has a decent selection that appeals to a variety of consumers. Although, their CBD oils are not very potent, as they only contain 300mg per 1oz tincture.

The only mention of a Sol CBD hemp source is denoted on their product description for their CBD capsules, which says that they contain non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the USA. However, it’s unclear if all of their CBD extract is sourced from the same location.

The people behind the Sol CBD brand are no strangers to the natural health space, and their CBD products are a reflection of their personal learnings on hemp and its many potential benefits. It’s clear that Sol CBD prioritizes their customers and aims to make a good impression on anyone who is interested in CBD or their products.

Sol CBD tinctures are available in a cinnamint flavor for a more pleasant taste profile, as well as a natural flavor for customers who may prefer the earthy, nutty taste of hemp. Another option is their liposomal CBD, which has a delicious orange twist flavor.

The Founders, The Real Deal?

Sol CBD extracts their hemp oil using a CO2 extraction method and cold processed oil. This method is considered the best by industry standards because it preserves the chemical compounds (the terpenes and cannabinoids) best to create a full-spectrum product. Any quality full spectrum CBD oil will show the presence of terpenes, rounding out the makeup of the hemp extract. We already know Sol CBD stands behind their full spectrum products because they also test for terpenes.

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The graduated pricing structure applies to all of their products. This may come especially handy for this next amazing surprise.

You can judge a CBD company by how well they make a flagship product. Just like you can judge an Italian restaurant based on how it makes spaghetti and meatballs, you can judge a CBD company by how well it makes a standard tincture. Sol CBD’s Whole Body Activation tincture is their leading premium CBD product. The only ingredients in this product are hemp oil, CBD extract, and MCT oil. Simple and effective, this product uses hemp that is sourced from organic farms in Colorado. The Whole Body Activation tincture comes with 300 mg CBD per bottle in either cinnamon or natural flavors. As far as CBD oil goes, this natural flavor is pretty good.

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