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rethink cbd oil review

There are also dog treats designed for small and large breeds. The treats contain 2mg of CBD each and are available in 20-count or 50-count tubs.

ReThink has a large collection of products, with a focus on broad-spectrum hemp extract. In this review, we run through the entire product line to investigate the quality, cost, and effectiveness.

The gummies pouches each pack 25mg per gummy drop, while the bottles have 10mg each. At just $19.99 for 250mg of gummies, these are super reasonably priced.

ReThink CBD Skin Care

The final category on the website is CBD for pets. ReThink uses an oral spray instead of a dropper, which is much easier to use on animals. The options are 100mg and 250mg – both of which are an appropriate strength for dogs and cats of varying weight.

ReThink CBD is an interesting, innovative brand. The website is glaringly green and filled with images of people exercising in the sunshine. This leads to the revelation that it’s a brand all about promoting health and wellness. In fact, the ReThink mission statement is to “support and help all sentient beings’ health and wellbeing beyond society’s conventional approaches through hemp.”

ReThink CBD tinctures are broad-spectrum, meaning they contain zero THC. The oral supplements are ideal for most users, with a simple ingredients list consisting of MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and broad-spectrum hemp extract.

ReThink sells CBD products in a variety of categories, including tinctures, gel caps, topicals, and more. There are even specific collections for sleep and fitness, as well as a few products for your pets.

The same broad-spectrum CBD oil formula also comes in capsule form, and each CBD capsule offers a 25 mg dose. ReThink also offers a Sleep Support CBD Capsule which features the same CBD dose and a small dose of melatonin designed to help manage symptoms at night that make it difficult to fall asleep.

As we reviewed the brand, their commitment to this mission was obvious. They provide the educational content necessary to help consumers understand how CBD works and how to use it to best fit each individual’s needs. The brand also focuses on transparency, and every step of the manufacturing process is laid out clearly on their website.

ReThink CBD products can be purchased directly from the brand’s website.

Where to buy ReThink CBD?

For another pre-measured, easy-dosing option, you may consider the CBD Gummy Drops. They feature an assorted selection of fruit flavors and offer 10 mg of broad-spectrum CBD each.

ReThink CBD is a wide-reaching CBD brand that creates a massive variety of CBD products with a scientific edge. Each step of the manufacturing process is well thought out, and the brand lends some of their focus to providing adequate consumer education to help their customers get the most out of their CBD line.

Many products feature specific formulas that are great for daytime, nighttime, or any time of the day. The brand also provides a wide range of potencies and flavors, and the large selection makes it clear that they intend to cater to every individual’s unique needs and preferences.

They back their efforts towards consumer satisfaction with a money-back guarantee, so you can try ReThink CBD products without risk.

Bottom Line – At the end of the day, CBD ReThink is a pretty solid brand. They’re trusted by healthcare businesses across the country for their transparency.

We appreciate the well-rounded catalog from CBD ReThink as well as their easy-to-navigate site (turns out, not all hemp people are web people!). We’ll highlight the CBD catalog and point out some winners and losers:

And we believe that’s for three reasons:

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CBD ReThink is an American company that sources US hemp plants and manufactures their CBD product line in the USA. Their aim is to be known as experts in CBD oil, with the best value and selection of broad-spectrum products. The brand is trusted by numerous hospitals, vet clinics, and pharmacies around the country.

The mission and aim of CBD ReThink is to inspire people to rethink their views on cannabinoids and maybe even holistic wellness at large. CBD ReThink is a solid brand when it comes to transparency and the quality of their broad-spectrum CBD oil. They are very close to earning our Safety Badge and offer some interesting options that land them the Innovation Badge as well.

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