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We’ve put together a list of our top 10 CBD oils for anxiety below and explain how and why we picked them. No matter whether you deal with occasional anxiety or daily symptoms, CBD oil can be a welcome supplement in your wellness regimen. Keep reading to find out why.

Because this tincture combines two important vitamins for mood regulation, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3, this formula is ideal for helping you achieve a calm state of mind at any time throughout the day, especially in the evening when the input from the day has your mind on overdrive. If you engage in meditation, it can help you reach that sweet mental spot more easily. It’s also ideal for helping you better navigate challenging situations, like long plane rides and even emotional hangovers. The broad-spectrum CBD oil helps keep your mind calm and centered and the coconut carrier oil gives just enough energy to keep you focused.

Top 10 CBD Oils for Anxiety

Charlotte’s Web didn’t hold anything back when they formulated this 100% CO2 extracted CBD oil. It’s their highest available level of CBD and includes naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in every serving. Feeling anxious can make it hard to focus but with this CBD formula, you can easily enter a state of calm so you can keep your mind centered on whatever is in front of you – whether you’re handling work tasks, running errands, or meeting with friends in a buzzing social environment. It’s designed to help you manage your everyday life with a centered, grounded spirit and is helpful when it comes to maintaining a healthy sleep cycle as well.

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When you need extra support during the day but need to stay alert and handle all your responsibilities with focus and confidence, this Seriously Relax + Lavender tincture helps you get the job done. Unlike other CBD oil tinctures, this one has a pleasant ginger lime flavor that makes it easy to take. And when you take it regularly, you set yourself up for success because you build up a natural defense to keep you in the game. There are three tincture sizes available and no matter the size you choose, each dose delivers 25MG of full spectrum hemp extract.

A Little About Green Roads:

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21. Sensei CBD

Verma Farms has crafted oils for a variety of needs. Their Focus oil is geared toward those who desire an alert but relaxed mindset, their Boost oil is formulated to provide energy and their Chill oil is aimed at those who need a good night’s rest.

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16. Hemp Bombs

PureKana is as close as it gets to a household name in this industry. What’s made PureKana so successful is the variety of their offerings, which appeal to clients of all ages. By keeping all production in the U.S. and ensuring all their hemp comes from organic sources, they’ve been able to grow into a CBD powerhouse.

10. cbdMD

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