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pure kind botanicals cbd oil

Unfortunately, we can’t grant Pure Kind the Safety Badge at this time, since their CoAs are not only out of date, but contain no results for contaminants testing. Hopefully, they’ll get on top of this soon.

If those technological credentials aren’t enough, they even created their own CBD oil extraction method. After two years of testing and rejecting the traditional methods used by CBD vendors, they weren’t satisfied and came up with their own, aptly called the Pure Kind Method. The company claims this proprietary, exceedingly gentle ethanol extraction is what makes their products the best. The integrity of all compounds is maintained which translates to better user experience.

The Pure Kind product lineup is limited to just five categories. But what they lack in variety, they make up for in quality with only organic or organically grown ingredients in the mix. You’ll find absolutely nothing even remotely artificial or synthetic here:

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Pure Kind Botanicals is an extension of two major technology companies: PureVision and PureHemp. The former is responsible for game-changing technology in the biorefining field, making it both economical and sustainable to break down biomass into usable material with their innovative machinery and processes. PureHemp harnesses this tech and focuses it on hemp by breaking down all part of the plant not just for CBD oil in the Pure Kind line, but for paper, beer, and a myriad of other commercial uses. Their patented technology is making a real difference by way of sustainability and natural alternatives for medicine and plastic. One word: WOW.

Bottom Line – Pure Kind Botanicals has an impressive technological background. Their CBD products are top of the line, and they earn major points with us for their innovative and sustainable contributions to the hemp industry and the world.

When it comes to sustainable technology and making use of everything the amazing hemp plant has to offer, Pure Kind Botanicals is second to none. The consumer product outfit of two major biotech companies, they’re offering top-of-the-line CBD oils produced through their own proprietary extraction method. And organic sourcing is a non-negotiable for this industry leader in biotech. They fall short of a perfect score according to our methodology, but Pure Kind Botanicals is definitely a top dog to watch.

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They have a generous return policy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In order to receive a refund or replacement, you must return the products within 30 days of purchase with at least half of the product remaining.

Thinking of giving this Fort Lupton, Colorado-based CBD brand a try? Read on to get all of the information you need.

CBD Types: Full spectrum and isolate

About Pure Kind Botanicals

Pure Kind Botanicals takes pride in the CBD products that they provide. Using high-CBD hemp strains grown in Colorado, they produce “super-premium” products that support the local economy.

Hemp Source: Colorado

By sourcing locally-grown high-CBD hemp plants and using quality ingredients like non-GMO MCT oil, Pure Kind Botanicals offers top-notch products at a reasonable price.

Their customer service reps were friendly and helpful, thoroughly answering any questions that we had.

Unlike the aforementioned category, which typically requires oral administration, topicals are applied directly on the skin. As per Pure Kind Botanicals offerings, consumers can choose between the Manna CBD Body Butter, the CBD Radiance Facial Serum and the CBD Soothe Relieving Balm.

PureHemp’s admiration for processing cannabinoids into different mediums is what led them to create PKB. According to the team at PureHemp, some of the conversions that are currently being worked on include 100% hemp sugars for hemp beer, hemp xylose, which is deemed the healthiest sugar to date, and hemp pulp for paper and lignin (i.e. for plastic).

When it comes to cannabidiol uses, convincing consumers requires a lot of work. In the past, it took several debates to conclude that the effects of THC on the mind is not like that of the preferred, CBD. In fact, for the longest time, many consumers believed that CBD also induces psychoactive effects. However, this has been deemed false, as CBD merely eases the side effects of, say, anxiety such as restlessness and headaches. Ultimately, this is just one example of several.

CBD Oil And Tinctures

Overall, Pure Kind Botanicals appears to be of significant value as they’ve taken the necessary measures in certifying each solution is of utmost quality. To ensure consumers view PKB as a reliable source for one’s CBD needs, evidence in the form of “Certificates of Analysis” have since been available for each product.

Lastly, and more conveniently, consumers are offered CBD-infused capsules with each capsule containing as much as 25mg of full spectrum CBD. As for its uses, it appears to provide a full-body boost that maximizes balance in the system. The price of the capsules comes out to approximately $59.95.

How can firms truly convince consumers? Reliability of a CBD firm is a crucial determining factor for consumers and this is reflected in how transparent said firm is. This is where Pure Kind Botanicals (PKB) comes into play.

Both the body butter and facial serum focus more on skin health as opposed to bodily aches. Given CBD’s rich source of antioxidants, the face serum is believed to rid consumers of skin problems like aging, acne-prone, and bruised skin.