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pure kana cbd oil uk

Not your traditional CBD oil, OTO takes a more traditional wellness approach through its rollerball application. There are three varieties; Focus, Amplify and Balance that have different purposes.

The first CBD oil I ever bought turned out to be a fake. Lesson learnt: Don’t cheap out. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

As well as better sleep, this variant really helped us drift off faster and feel calm and Zen-like.

Hempura CBD Oil

It provided huge relief from physical pain and stress within around half an hour of taking 5 drops, allowing the body to completely relax. The oil is beautifully refined and you can find third party lab results on the company’s website, making this a brand you can trust.

The brand is completely transparent about its ingredients and actually offer certified batch reports on their website as well as 24/7 customer service.

If you’d like to support a smaller boutique company, Holistic Hemp fits the bill. Using plants grown on small European farms, the pesticide and chemical free flowers are handpicked (unlike most on the market) meaning the oil is high quality. It even has a full floral flavour (thanks to the plants they choose) that offers a pleasant taste without interfering with the benefits. Offering 5, 10, 15 and 20 per cent options in various forms, this brand mixes hemp with cannabis seed carrier oil to create a full-spectrum product containing a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

This is a medium strength product at +5 per cent (and there is a lower +2.5 per cent too) and is made entirely from natural hemp seeds that have been cold pressed to maintain its nutritional content – packed with vitamins and omegas.

There’s no doubt in our mind that the Vanilla CBD Oil is one of the finest products of its kind on the market, but many people aren’t really sure exactly what it is. Well, for starters it is a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, which means that it contains additional Cannabinoids and Terpenes besides the cannabidiol content.

These full-spectrum hemp components may be able to boost your lifestyle, and are easy to use even on a day-to-day basis. Hemp-based phytochemicals may also support a wholesome, balanced mind/body complex.

Ok, so they’re not exactly British, as PureKana is actually a US company but they now have a UK office (in Watford) and distribute to the UK at competitive prices. PureKana are a leading brand in the US for CBD products and are legal now in every US state as well as the UK.

Holistic Hemp products include Holistic Hemp CBD oil, Holistic Hemp capsules, Holistic Hemp paste and Holistic Hemp concentrates.

Love CBD’s product range includes Love CBD spray oils, Love CBD capsules, Love CBD balm and Love CBD vape oil.

PureKana’s Products

Whilst there are strict rules about which marijuana compounds can and cannot be sold, as well as what can be sold as a medicine, people can find understanding the legality of CBD a little confusing. CBD can quite legally be bought and sold in the UK, as long as the THC levels in the product are less than 0.2%.

The British branch of Aura CBD is Aura CBD Oil UK, and their aim is to give users full spectrum, organic CBD products, with one eye on the latest scientific developments. They use re-usable packaging and try to keep processing to a minimum.

Most of the products sold by Hemp Botanics have been made by others, such as CBDistillery, Endo Water and Liquid CBD. Their range includes Hemp flowers, CBD oils, CBD dabs, CBD water, CBD skincare, CBD capsules and suppositories, CBD patches and CBD for pets.

Provacan is a company who are backed by the Israeli cannabis research institution, CiiTECH, who are front runners in the world of cannabis research and whose scientists include Dr Raphael Mechoulam – one of the leading authorities in cannabis research. Provacan distribute their products internationally and their products all use ingredients which are grown, processed and produced according to the rules set out by the EU.