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prime my body cbd oil reviews

Something we can’t help but mention is that Prime My Body is launching its own cryptocurrency, $PMB. This digital token (if it comes to fruition) will act as a method of payment between affiliates, the company, and maybe even customers. Here’s the problem — paying affiliates in a token with no proven value is risky to say the least. When these affiliates go to exchange these tokens for Bitcoin and subsequently fiat currency, they’ll have to endure fees and the risk that the coin is worthless.

And Prime My Body is somehow connected to another CBD company, Quicksilver Scientific, offering virtually the same products, utilizing the same technology, and employing the same scientific brain: Dr. Shade. We are unsure as to exactly how this business relationship works, but clearly people are confused, as there is a question on the PMB message board asking why not just buy the CBD products from Quicksilver Scientific.

The Prime My Body CBD product line is simple, and the cannabidiol contained herein all falls within the liposomal, water-soluble category:

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Bottom Line – Prime My Body is a CBD company that operates on the MLM model, and we are historically hesitant to get behind these types of brands. They check the boxes on quality, mission, and innovation, but we are suspicious of their known penchant for inflating numbers at conferences, their lack of third-party testing, and the undisclosed nature of their relationship with Quicksilver Scientific.

Prime My Body is a source for more than nano-enhanced CBD oil; one can also find products like superfoods protein powder and a sophisticated liver detox system. CEO Paul Rogers was formerly the president of a $600 million/year health and wellness company who now has his sights set on taking Prime My Body international through their multilevel marketing model.

Prime My Body’s claim to fame was being one of the first to offer an innovative liposomal delivery system wherein cannabinoids are encapsulated inside phospholipids, allowing for dramatically enhanced absorption. Since then, they’ve taken things further with their yet-to-launch CBD oil which uses ‘Nano Sonicated Technology’ to create the liposomes which surround the compounds. Their line is focused and appears top notch, but there’s a catch — to date, you have to be an affiliate member to purchase directly from the company. Yep, here’s another multi-level marketing CBD brand out for world domination. The products aren’t too shabby, but proceed with caution.

PMB uses domestically sourced industrial hemp that is then extracted with ethanol and put through a chromatography process to separate THC. We don’t necessarily have a problem with the ethanol extraction method, provided the company in question conducts testing for residual solvents. PMB does not appear to test for solvents, plus their CoAs are not SKU specific and are generated by Quicksilver Scientific (in this case, not a third party). Therefore, we must withhold the Safety Badge in this instance.

Hemp oil has been around for decades as one of the great products of marijuana. The consistent application of modern technology allows more and more researchers to break down the heavy molecular content in hemp oil. The technology application makes it easier to consume and makes it work a lot faster than the typical hemp oil. Prime My Body hemp oil makes use of nanotechnology to produce the best hemp oil in the business.

But who doesn’t love the competition? It’s part of a company’s growth strategy, and who benefits? Of course, the consumer, who is the ultimate beneficiary because of the multitude of choices, but chiefly, the increased quality of products. Moreso, the customer, you, become savvier in the art of the perfect CBD oil.

What is Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil?

Unlike your regular hemp oil, a nano-enhanced one brings its bio-availability to almost 100%. It makes it ten times more concentrated than the regular hemp oil. As your body ingests this prime body hemp oil, no product ever goes to waste as all of it is being adequately absorbed at a faster rate. Hence it’s proven results that are adored by many clients from all over the globe. The nanotechnology increases the absorption rate of hemp oil and makes the benefits visible faster than the old hemp oil.

If there are parts that seem confusing to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of their affiliates for more details.

As mentioned earlier, PrimeMyBody utilizes multi-level marketing that allows the company to expand its business by merely using their affiliate’s network and connections and helping them make money in the process.

Some of the most commonly known products by the company include; NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil, Prime Protein Food, Hydrate Daily Moisturizer, and the Lifting Firming Cream.

It is said to help with improving the functions of the mind and the body, better immune function. The Prime Protein Food, on the other hand, is said to be also a general health supplement that helps with factors such as stronger muscles, better digestion, and better body immunity.

Who is the Manufacturer of PrimeMyBody?

They claim that for them it’s not about what is trending or a fad in the market but what gives the consumers the optimal health they need and thus creating instead a lifestyle based on that.

The NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil is used mainly as a supplement for the purpose of repair and protection and is enriched with none psychoactive compounds of medical marijuana.

For the meantime, interested customers can find relief that there are similar products from more reputable companies.