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If you want to grow marijuana outdoors, we have the best cannabis seeds for outdoor growing with which to obtain the best plants. This is the right section to grow can… Our experience producing the best outdoor cannabis seeds is second to none. Grow with confidence in tough northern European outdoor conditions. Successful outdoor growing is achievable in a wide variety of climates. Choosing the best cannabis seeds for your local growing conditions is vitally important.

Amnesia XXL Autoflowering

Outdoor cannabis seeds are to be chosen based on our geographical location. Warm and dry environments, for instance, are ideal for planting all cannabis strains whether they are Indica or Sativa.

However, wet and rainy climates require the use of fast-flowering marijuana strains so as to prevent autumn or winter from damaging our plants.

Apart from the photoperiod feminised seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds make an excellent option if intending to grow seeds outdoors since they allow the user to choose when to grow, which will preferably be in summer. Our XXL autoflowering strains, created so that they grow taller than their non-XXL sisters, thrive outdoors.

Choosing the appropriate outdoor cannabis seeds is the key for success and diversification is always a good strategy. We could, for example, grow a version or cross of an early Critical +, a Moby Dick hybrid with a remarkably heavy-yield or some Sativa genetics such as Original Amnesia or Royale Haze, which has proved to be highly resistant to mould.

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Outdoor Seeds

Outdoor cannabis seeds have always been popular with growers. Whether you prefer to grow autoflowering outdoor seeds or feminised outdoor seeds you can expect weather resistant strains which will yield well and bloom quickly at Dutch latitudes. In warmer/dryer climates nearer the equator it is also possible to grow varieties which bloom more slowly. Growing weed with outdoor cannabis seeds remains one of the most cost effective ways to produce large harvests for minimum cost. Please contact us if you need strain-specific recommendations for your specific environment/climate.

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Auto Orange Bud®

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Las Vegas Lemon Skunk Autoflower

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CBD Auto Blackberry Kush®

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Durban Poison®

Durban X Unknown Indica

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Super Skunk X Purple Star

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Hollands Hope®

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Purple#1 X Skunk

Think Fast®

Think Different X Power Plant

Frisian Duck®

Frisian Dew X DucksFoot

Purple #1®

Purple Afghani

Pamir Gold®

Western Himalayas Hybrid

Snow Bud®

Afghani X South African genetics

Auto Power Plant®

Power Plant X Think Different

What are outdoor cannabis seeds?

Outdoor cannabis seeds contain genetics that have been selectively bred to deliver exceptional results in outdoor conditions. The Dutch Outdoor cannabis seed collection all grow well at Dutch latitudes, and similar. These strains are tough enough to cope with long periods of dull, grey weather and still deliver heavy harvests before autumn/fall sets in.

Buy outdoor cannabis seeds online

Dutch Passion have a proven collection of outdoor cannabis seeds including several cannabis cup winners. These strains have been selectively bred over several years in Dutch outdoor conditions. The best outdoor performing individuals are selected and crossed. This process is repeated over several generations until the strain is stable and fully adapted to outdoor cultivation at Dutch latitudes.

Only the best performing outdoor cannabis seeds make it into the Dutch Passion outdoor cannabis seed collection. That means you can grow outdoors with real confidence, even in temperate northern European outdoor conditions.

Best feminised outdoor cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion stock a full range of feminised outdoor cannabis seeds. You can choose short compact indica strains which are easier to hide outdoors. Or perhaps you prefer taller sativa or hybrid outdoor cannabis seeds. You can grow strains which will produce green buds, or you can buy feminised outdoor strains with beautiful flashes of autumnal colours in the buds. The choice is yours!

Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew is possibly Dutch Passion’s most celebrated feminised outdoor cannabis seed. The hybrid genetics grow easily outdoors, with strong resistance to poor weather, mould and bud rot. Frisian Dew grows well as far north as Northern England with heavy blooms. Some of the plants produce buds with purple/blue hues, especially in cooler climates. If you’re looking for a proven outdoor strain which will deliver even in borderline climates then Frisian Dew is the perfect choice.

Passion #1

Passion #1 uses top quality Californian Indica genetics to produce a high THC strain with superb anti-anxiety effects. This is another customer favourite which has enjoyed many years in the feminised outdoor cannabis seed collection. Expect long heavy blooms and resin frosted buds along with a great taste and aroma. THC levels are officially rated as ‘Very High’ on this long-standing best seller.

Frisian Duck

Although THC levels on Frisian Duck may not reach quite the same levels as other outdoor strains she does have one unique feature which makes her incredibly popular with guerrilla growers. That special feature is the webbed leaf shape, which is shaped more like a ducks foot print than a cannabis leaf. You could walk straight past Frisian Duck and not realise it’s a cannabis plant! That has inspired thousands of outdoor growers to grow this strain in areas where they wouldn’t risk traditional cannabis. Fans of outdoor autoflower seeds should note that this strain is also available as Auto Duck.

Best autoflower outdoor cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have never been as popular with outdoor growers. They stay short and easy to hide, typically around/under a metre tall. They also grow quickly. If you start your autoflower seeds under indoor light for a couple of weeks after germination, you may be harvesting them outdoors around 10 weeks or so after they were planted outside. No matter how short your outdoor growing season, you will still be able to get an outdoor auto harvest.

Auto Mazar

Auto Mazar is an indica dominant autoflower seed, she is part of the Dutch Passion Afghani Kush seed collection. These famously tough genetics deliver outdoors even in cold, grey summers. The buds offer high THC levels with a rich hash taste and a deeply soothing and pleasurable effect.

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Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Blackberry Kush is a member of the Blue family of cannabis seeds. She can produce distinctive purple/blue blooms coated with a sticky silver layer of trichomes. She not only smells and tastes delicious, she also packs unique bag appeal. Part of Dutch Passion’s collection of elite Very High THC seed collection – expect powerful effects as well as gorgeous buds.

Auto Orange Bud

If you want to grow a reliable outdoor autoflower seed with a mouth-watering taste of freshly picked oranges then Auto Orange Bud seeds are the perfect choice! These fruity genetics will suit sativa fans who enjoy a sweet citrus twist. Auto Orange Bud is one of just a handful of Dutch Passion strains to make it into the Extremely High THC cannabis seed collection. The ideal choice for the outdoor grower seeking the strongest possible buds.

Best regular outdoor cannabis seeds

Regular outdoor cannabis seeds give rise to equal numbers of male and female offspring. They can be used to produce your own crosses or your own outdoor cannabis seeds. Here are three old school favourites with outdoor growers

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a classic South African sativa which delivers reliable and consistent outdoor results. A unique terpene profile with hints of aniseed, liquorice, lemon and cloves complement a powerful stress-busting high.

Hollands Hope

Hollands Hope is a powerful and compact indica. She was bred/developed in The Netherlands and is well suited to cold, cloudy and damp summers. She is fully adapted to moderate climates.

Purple #1

Fans of regular outdoor cannabis seeds which often grow into colourful plants will love Purple #1. These classic outdoor seeds use dependable, tough purple Afghani cannabis genetics.

What to look for when buying outdoor cannabis seeds?

Look for a cannabis seed supplier with a long standing track record for great genetics and top class customer service. Cannabis cups are a sign that your seed supplier takes their business and genetics seriously!

What are the easiest outdoor strains to start with?

Many beginners start with autoflower strains. They are fast and easy to grow. If you root the autoflower seeds directly into good quality moist soil with plenty of warm sun they practically grow themselves and can be ready to harvest around 3 months after germination.

What is the average flowering time and yield for outdoor strains?

Much depends on the specific grow conditions/climate and the strain choice. Autoflowers grow from seed to harvest in around 3 months. Photoperiod outdoor cannabis seeds take 5-6 months. Yields can vary from 25g on a small plant to a couple of Kilos of dry bud from a large plant grown in optimum conditions.

What type of climate are our outdoor cannabis seeds good for?

The Dutch Outdoor cannabis seed collection of photoperiod feminised outdoor seeds grow well at latitudes and climates similar to The Netherlands. Autoflowering cannabis seeds grow well in any climate with a warm and sunny 3-month window of summer weather.

What are the optimal conditions to get THC-rich outdoor cannabis?

Select a sunny location, perhaps with some shelter from the prevailing wind if necessary. Supplement the local soil with nutrients, additives, manure etc if required and ensure the soil remains moist. If you can provide a good, safe spot then you can leave the cannabis genetics to do the rest!

Cannabis Seeds for Outdoor growing

Outdoor cultivation is the simplest method of growing cannabis, as nature will do most of the hard work. For successful outdoor cannabis growing, it is important to select the right strains for the climate. Choosing the right seeds can make or break a grow! It is difficult to achieve good results with a cannabis strain such as Silver Haze in a cold climate with few hours of sunlight.


How hard is it to grow cannabis outside?

Outdoor cultivation is the simplest method of growing cannabis, as nature will do most of the hard work. For successful outdoor cannabis growing, it is important to select the right strains for the climate. Choosing the right seeds can make or break a grow! It is difficult to achieve good results with a cannabis strain such as Silver Haze in a cold climate with few hours of sunlight. However, the same strain will thrive if growing outdoors in a sunny, Mediterranean kind of environment. To help you work out which seeds are best for you, we’ve collected all the types of cannabis suitable for growing outside in cooler climates in this Outdoor Cannabis Seeds section.

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How do I know which outdoor cannabis seeds are best for my climate?

The wide range of cannabis varieties from Sensi Seeds and the White Label Seed Company have been categorised by the type of environment they require to produce optimum results. This information is shown as icons next to the seed strain description (and on the seed packaging), enabling you to see at a glance whether a specific cannabis variety is recommended as Outdoor Cannabis Seeds for growing outside, and in which climates. More detailed information is found in the seed descriptions.

This system of labelling enables growers to see at a glance whether a specific strain is suitable for outdoor growing in their climate, or whether it will require an indoor or greenhouse environment in order to grow, thrive and fulfil its genetic potential. You can also use the filters in this section to view seeds according to indica / sativa balance, predicted height, yield, price, and (most importantly in this section) climate.

In order to find out which seeds are the best ones to grow in an outdoor garden, simply check the climate zones on the map on this page. Whether you have a cool, wet, northern environment with short summers, a warm and more European type climate with average summers, or are blessed with Mediterranean to tropical conditions and hot summers that are many months long, in this section you will be able to find the right seeds to plant and grow in your area.

What do I need to grow cannabis outdoors?

Cannabis can thrive in almost any type of soil, as long as each plant gets enough water and enough light, and the seeds are appropriate for the outdoor climate. If you only have a balcony or yard rather than a garden, using large pots filled with earth will give a very satisfying and simple yield.

There are also plenty of autoflowering and feminized seeds in this category, so even growing just one plant at a time can still give you a reliable crop without the risk of it turning out to be a male. Having to weed out the males from the ‘marijuana’ is not a problem thanks to the advances that have been made in breeding since the early days, when the only method of procuring your own was farming it naturally!

Outdoor cannabis cultivation can be ideal for beginners

One of the great advantages of soil growing is that the nutrient requirements of the plants are more easily met that when using artificial mediums like rockwool, and even other natural substrates such as coconut fibre. It can be beneficial to add some fertilizer or use natural compost to really give your harvest an extra boost, but using good earth will often allow the roots to simply draw up the levels of nutrition and trace elements that they require. Along with this capacity, the pH level of soil seldom requires adjusting, and this makes for a much simpler gardening experience that novices and people with limited time or energy can greatly benefit from. All the bud with hardly any of the effort!

Whether you are an experienced cultivator with many years of successful plant care behind you or an enthusiastic amateur who is just learning the difference between indica and sativa, there is a plant type in this category to suit both your level of expertise and your particular climate. When deciding to grow cannabis outdoors, many gardeners in the colder and wetter parts of the world are justifiably concerned about problems such as frost and fungus. To combat these worries, we have various hybrids that can resist the latter and have a short enough flowering time that the former does not get the chance to affect them. For those people lucky enough to enjoy plentiful sunlight throughout a long hot summer, everything from skunk to kush will grow very well indeed. Choosing the right variety of plant is the most essential decision for ensuring a pleasing and rewarding crop of buds with a high thc level without having to grow indoors.

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