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In addition, the feeling that THC can invoke may have an addictive effect. In its own right the substance doesn’t create a dependency, but the mental longing for something to ‘take the edge off’ is indeed problematic. There are plenty of people who find the high a lot more pleasant than having a life without weed. And that’s the reason that clinics are often full of weed addicts. So use weed and its extracts in moderation!

But you don’t have to smoke weed at all in order to get high from it. You can also vape THC from weed or take it via the stomach. Think of the famous space cake, for example. The uptake and effect of THC via the stomach and the liver is a bit different from that when it passes over the lungs from smoking or vaping. Many persons experience a more powerful, longer-lasting high that happens much later, but there are those who absolutely don’t get high from exactly the same space cake. These individuals have a divergent enzyme in the liver whereby THC doesn’t get converted when taken orally.

THC oil is a weed oil that is rich in the substance THC. That is one of the cannabinoids derived from weed by heating it for a period. THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, is renowned as the substance which gets cannabis smokers high. But THC can do so much more than just provide you with a pleasant high. Take a look at what the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport states about the efficacy of medicinal cannabis [1]:

Is THC Oil Addictive?

In Groningen province in the Netherlands there are approximately 1,200 hectares of hemp growing and blooming freely and happily. In France there are at least 40,000 hectares under cultivation with industrial hemp and throughout Europe you can find acres of hemp. Even if you smoked all the hemp in Groningen is a single afternoon you wouldn’t get stoned or high. This hemp is used to make CBD oil, and also building materials or even car parts.

Buying THC oil. Sounds easy until you realise that it’s not permitted in Europe. In this article we explain why it’s not allowed and the fact that actually THC oil doesn’t even exist. Do you still want it? If so, we suggest it’s better to make it yourself rather than look fruitlessly for a clandestine address that may or may not sell THC oil. Time to get properly into this article. Coming?

So THC oil doesn’t actually exist. After all, we aren’t able to say how much THC an illegally produced oil contains. We hope you get the difference because understandably the confusion is easily made. When we talk about THC oil at Dutch Headshop, then we always mean weed oil the composition of which we don’t know.

The fact it lasts longer makes dosing with space cake and also THC oil particularly onerous. For that reason, many are inclined to take more after quarter or half an hour. That is a bit risky because the onset or first effects often come only after an hour or two following ingestion [2].

Remember, the marijuana plant is the high-THC strain. The resin dissolves in alcohol and then the alcohol evaporates. The residue will consist of a thick syrup abundant in THC. This type of oil is only legal in states which have medical marijuana laws or have implemented recreational laws regulating Brass Knuckles.

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THC oil, marijuana for sale NY, and THC vape juice are generally associated with the same product. Essentially, they all mean the same thing. With the help of alcohol or CO2 extraction, this oil is made by extracting the resin of the female marijuana plant.

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