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“My dog (Dodgie) was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in April 2018. Ultrasound showed tumor was 75% the size of her spleen. Due to her age and arthritis, we decided against surgery. No chemo or radiation. She has been on a keto diet, Dr. Harvey paradigm, yunnan baiyao, turkey tail mushroom, and Jesse’s oils. She did not tolerate the feco so oils only. Her arthritis bothers her more than the cancer. I believe the oils have prolonged her life as she was given only weeks to live over a year ago!”

Harley was always a bigger little dog, but at his heaviest, he was 14.6lbs, which is pretty big for a chihuahua. After only 3 months on Jesse’s oils, we’re happy to report that Harley’s weight has returned to normal, and if you read up on “true” CBD from the flower, and how it unlocks and activates so many different signaling cells within the body, there’s no doubt in our mind of what role it’s played in Harley’s return to his “normal” 11lbs! Moreover, his coat is extra shiny and soft, he sleeps through the night peacefully, he’s no longer coughing (due to the extra weight) every time you pick him up, and his joints and gut are a lot healthier! As a bonus, he’s going for even longer walks, is more playful and has more energy!

Lucy – Cancer-Free for Two Years

Within a few weeks of diagnosis, I started Jesus’s cannabis oil protocol along with raw, keto, homemade food, turmeric, probiotics, medical mushrooms & general doggie vitamins.

We cannot be any more thankful for Jesse’s help and guidance. He’s truly one of those rare, authentic people and healers that has your back (or your dog’s back) no matter what. Is it easy? No. Is it cheap? No. Is it hocus-pocus? Hardly. Is it worth all the time and energy making sure your 4-legged family member has a chance to make it through the storm? Without a doubt.”

“We can’t thank Jesse & Isabel enough for the gift of healing they’ve given to us. We are using the oils ourselves (and have seen some amazing changes in just a short time), but we are also using them on our ‘once’ small Chihuahua, Harley, who experienced a strange extreme weight gain out of nowhere a couple years ago.

I did the set up appointment over the phone with them for now, today august 19, at 12:30 pm easter time, I received the email confirmation and everything from the set up, but nobody call up to now, its almost 1:00 pm.
how this works?
I also sent them a email on last Friday, never got the response. Please can you help me out? Appreciated, Thanks.

Great interview. I have spoken to Jessie many times during my mother's cancer journey. The first time I spoke to him I remember thinking..Wow this guy knows so much. Every question I asked he answered. I am so grateful for his help.

Cannabis is a bad plant….

What an amazing interview, I really felt the authenticity and genuine care for others during the whole process working with Jesse and Isabel. I hope that if you know of someone or you yourself are suffering from something that Cannabis could help with you reach out to them and get some guidance to move through it. Be sure to visit their Facebook page and Tino's Youtube page to hear a personal story of beating cancer with Cannabis oil.

incredible story. Well done guys!

Our oldest pup Samba was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma back in 2017, and we started her on chemotherapy based on the recommendation of her oncologist. We could only make it through four weeks of her 16+ week chemo protocol. After the first week when she was hospitalized, she continued to show loss of appetite (even with drugs to stimulate it), extreme lethargy (even unable to eat while standing), weakness (even unable to even defecate without collapsing), and some trembling.

I’m happy to report that after 3 months of taking Jesse’s CBD oil from the flower, and figuring out the proper dosing and regimen, I’ve been both antacid-free (which was something I’d never thought I’d say) and there also haven’t been any flare-ups. My weight has leveled back to my normal target weight (down 17lbs), and I feel healthier than ever.

Thank you Healing Project

My Westie Henry was diagnosed in July of 2020 with a Macroadenoma of the Pituitary Gland. We were told that he had 3 to 6 months to live. We were given the option of 40 treatments of radiation at a cost of $11,000.00 with no real guarantee of quality of life for him. The side effects of this treatment were absolutely frightening so we opted not to pursue that route. They told us that Henry would go blind, walk in circles and have seizures. After the shock of all this wore off, I started searching the internet for help. By the grace of God, I came across The Healing Project website. I immediately scheduled a consultation with Jesse and started treatment for my boy. It is now June 29, 2021 and my dog has not had one seizure, is not blind, and is not walking in circles. When we first learned of Henry's diagnosis, I never thought he would see another birthday, but on March 29, 2021 Henry turned 14 years old! I don't know how long we have with our boy but every day with him is a blessing. Thank you God for sending us to Jesse and Isabelle and for giving us this precious time with him.

Lastly, take a lot of time to love your pet, and be there for ‘em. We lucked out because we worked from home during this time and it was a little bit bumpy at the beginning when we were just figuring out how it would affect her, but Jesse’s guidance was invaluable and he always made himself available to us by phone, and for that we are so thankful.

I am so grateful for Jesse and Isabel, I’m one of the few folks who are lucky enough to have met them in person and I can tell you that everything you hear about how powerfully positive their oil and their hearts are is true — I’m a believer, and through real experience. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough, Jesse!