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It’s clear that many people have experienced the upsides of CBD, but with so many high-CBD strains hitting the market today, it can be difficult to choose the one for you. Here, we’ll go over what it means for a strain to be high in CBD along with identifying which high-CBD strains are the most popular and easy-to-find based on Leafly user-submitted reviews.

Cannatonic isn’t nearly as sedative as the name implies. This strain usually brings a smaller CBD/THC split, ranging from 5:1 down to 1:1. This even-keeled cannabinoid profile gives consumers a great deal of flexibility to use Cannatonic as medicine or as an enjoyable, mild mannered strain to unwind with.

1. Harlequin

Canna-Tsu is a more balanced CBD/THC strain that offers a unique bouquet of smells. With aromas of citrus and sweet earth, Canna-Tsu gives the CBD enthusiast a complex palate of flavor and terpenes to enjoy.

ACDC makes an easy favorite.The cannabinoid content is usually heavily CBD-dominant, sitting on average at 20:1 in its CBD/THC ratio. An imperceptible amount of THC makes ACDC an outstanding companion for daily medicinal cannabis consumers seeking to relieve tension, pain, or anxiety.

Harlequin is one of the most popular CBD strains available. Typically testing around the 5:2 CBD/THC ratio, it exhibits a clear-headed alertness with only mild euphoria. Harlequin has a happy bent that most will find enhances whatever activity they are engaged in.

To decrease THC levels even more, a grower may choose to crossbreed marijuana with hemp, leading to almost negligible amounts of THC in the progeny. Crossbreeding these plants with CBD-rich strains then allows the grower to increase the amount of CBD up to a certain threshold. The highest concentration that a plant can realistically achieve, at time of writing, is around 20–25% CBD, which you can see in special strains like Juanita la Lagrimosa.

Pros: The impact can be felt in seconds.
Cons: The smoke may be too harsh on the lungs, particularly if you are taking CBD for therapeutic reasons.


Rather than burning the CBD flower, a vape heats it just enough to release the cannabinoids and terpenes into a vapor that is much easier on the lungs.

Calculating the amount of CBD in CBD flower is a little more challenging than working out how much is in an oil or a capsule.

If a product has a CBD:THC ratio of 10:1, this means it contains ten times as much CBD as THC. Experiencing this would mean enjoying the benefits of CBD with almost no psychoactive effects.

If you eat too much, you have to face with some health problem like you’ll develop a flabby tummy or get overweight quickly. Actually, CBD cannot help you lost your weight, but CBD, in any form, is needed to minimize your cravings and get back in shape.
However, you should know that not just a random CBD isolated from a strain of cannabis that no one knows about can solve your issues. You’ll need to choose some special strain that will help consumers suppress their cravings.
Remedy is the CBD strain that can help you with your overeating. Where it comes to potency, Remedy is known for its appetite suppressant properties. People may hear pain and anxiety relief effects of Remedy, but it also It does a great job of reducing off your overeating habits.
ACDC is also fine for someone who wants to stay away from overeating. The ACDC strain, at any form of it, will help you cut any overeating habits you might have. You also will love the lemongrass and cherries flavor of ACDC.

If it is the first time you use CBD and you concern about the flavour of CBD oil may be hard to keep under tongue and swallow, you should get start with Naternal Broad Spectrum CBD Oil as it comes with powerful effects while still light and clean. You are also easier to determine the amount due to a dropper with measurement markers.
What I love about this CBD oil is that I usually use it at the end of the day, before bed and it help me calm and de-stress so I can have a full night’s sleep. Naternal CBD oil provide high potency without THC for those who want to experience the benefits of CBD.

Joanne’s CBD is a great option for a bright and clear-headed feeling, it promotes creative and help user stay focus. With 15 percent CBD and less than 0.75 percent THC. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who wish to benefit from CBD without the danger of cognitive impairment. Joanne’s CBD has a pleasant scent of sweet orange citrus.
It pretty easy to plant that grows to a medium height indoors and can reach astounding 180 cm outdoors. To get the best harvest result, Joanne’s CBD requires minimal training and trimming.

How to properly use CBD oil?

Solomatic CBD delivers a high concentration of CBD up to 21% with a THC value of less than 1%. It’s the ideal strain for people who want to obtain a lot of CBD without getting too high. The effects promote a calm, clearly mind, and maintain relaxed mental state. This strain’s flowers have a distinct terpene profile with scents of fruit, ginger, and pine.
It’s a beginner-friendly autoflowering strain that’s also very easy to grow. Furthermore, its genetics guarantee quick development, in about 9–10 weeks, this plant grows from seed to harvest.

As the name suggested, Cherry Wine CBD strain has sweet cherry aromas mingle with traces of cheese and black pepper. Both foodies and wine connoisseurs are invited! Sweet cherry aromas mingle with traces of cheese and black pepper in the Cherry Wine cannabis strain. Cherry Wine’s taste and aroma are tempting enough that everyone will be attracted by its strong impact. It contains 15–25 percent CBD and less than 0,3% THC, and many consumers praise its mood-lifting effects.
Cherry Wine is a combination between an Indica and a Sativa strain, giving you the best of all these two. It provides a sense of relaxation while still increasing the attentiveness, Due to its ability of soothing feeling, you can use it any time of the day. The high CBD-to-THC ratio help consumers avoid psychoactive symptoms, it is believed that Cherry Wine may provide a soothing, relaxing experience without euphoria.

Because of its 30/1 (CBD/THC) ratio and ability to easy many health issues and manage pain, Charlotte’s Web is the most well-known high CBD/low THC strain. Charlotte’s Web contains a rich source of CBD with very little of less than 1% THC. You do not need to worry about intoxicating effects. The Stanley Brothers of Colorado bred this strain exclusively for adding in their Charlotte’s Web products such as CBD oils, capsules, topical, etc.
There are some health problems that Charlotte’s Web strain can help with such as relaxing, arthritis, migraines, muscle spasms, and it’s also thought to be especially good for seizures and chronic pain. Charlotte’s Web comes in a variety of flavors, but its natural flavor is described as soft mist and citrusy.

In recent years understanding about the benefits of CBD has grown dramatically. This has led to cannabis strains being selectively bred to predominantly produce this beneficial cannabidiol in huge quantities both with and without THC. As a result, there is now a broad range of strains available offering cannabis flowers that can be used in the same way as they always have been but for a different purpose altogether.

If you are new to the CBD, you may be confused and overwhelmed with a large volume of information and literature about them on the internet. How do you identify these strains and how do you know which one is best for your individual condition? Here is the list of top 10 my favourite Marijuana strains and CBD oils that offer little to no THC with high CBD contains. Don’t forget to keep scrolling to skim through the guide of choosing and using CBD for beginner.