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The 2018 Farm Bill made Cannabis Sativa L (AKA hemp) federally legal. The THC level allowed is .3% for hemp. Hemp is virtually free of THC before it’s processed. We have learned how to extract the high frequency healing agents from cannabis to make one of the best natural pain relief compounds that you will find. Miracle Tincture tests ou

My theory is that these self replicating nanos are the transit system of the various diseases that they carry into our bodies. They are magnetic and form chains that look like fine hairs much of the time.

What does Miracle Tincture heal?

Pain is the main problem in society today. We specialize in non-narcotic approach in healing pain with our skin care products. They help heal chronic pain from fibromyalgia, muscle, joint, and back pain, arthritic pain and swelling, diabetic pain, nerve damage, pain from burns and much more. Miracle skin care products also help heal and prevent skin cancer, cancers below the skin, arthritis, inflammation and many neuromuscular diseases, heals burns rapidly, treats bug bites and stings and is a natural sunscreen. Frequency Creme also heals age spots & lines, skin tags, cracked feet and more. There is nothing else like it anywhere. We recommend using our skin care products on your problem areas like arthritis at least 3 times a day to start. Just spray or rub Miracle Tincture on and let it dry. You will notice the improvement almost immediately. Use it daily for best results.

This is a string of nanoparticles that came out of my skin and formed at the top of my bath after I used Miracle Bath & Body Oil. I used a small hand held black light in a ziplock plastic bag so as not to get it wet and watched as nanos came out of my skin, rose to the top of my bath and formed into strings and different shapes. Some strings of them even swam around.

If my theory is true, the nanos will be attracted to anything that has a higher frequency than our bodies. Miracle Bath & Body Oil is just that. It contains the high frequency extract of the cannabis plant, cold pressed almond oil, and Jasmine or lemongrass oil. Since this bath oil floats on the water in high frequency droplets it should attract the nanos that are in our bodies. And it did. We can potentially “trick” their programming and help rid ourselves of nanos.

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All of our products are Made in the USA with US grown Hemp. We use 3rd party laboratories to test and certify our products for quality and potency. YOu will always find something you like with over 100 products to choose from.

From Our Plant to You.

We are a proud family owned and operated small business based out of the United States. We produce and ship all of our products from our Florida manufacturing plant.

Just when you thought our famous CBD Chiro Cream couldn’t get any better. Introducing CBD Chiro Spray by Miracle Nutritional Products. This 3oz spray gives you all the benefits of CBD and concentrates on pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Get yours today!

We know our success depends on our customer’s satisfaction. At Miracle, we promise to always deliver the highest quality nutritional products you can purchase. We will always offer a fair price for the quality product you deserve.

The Bottom Line
Everything we see is like a red flag screaming stay away.
There is no indication they offer an authentic or quality product.
And their marketing is ‘overly aggressive’ to put it kindly.
One small example is the following.
There is a badge on the company website (see below) stating:
“This product has been approved and its CBD content confirmed by The CBDRA”
But, the problem is there is NO such agency.

Typically when a consumer requests a free offer or free trial they must provide credit card billing information, supposedly to pay for shipping and handling. But what happens is the scam company puts the customer, unwittingly in most cases, into an auto-shipment programs and then they send products to the customer on a monthly basis automatically… even though the consumer did not actually place a specific order for more products. The products that are part of the free offer schemes are usually extremely expensive and are of highly questionable quality. It should be obvious that any unscrupulous marketer promoting bogus free offers is not going to provide a quality product.

Consumers should avoid them. And, this company offers an affiliate program so you will likely see a lot of this offer, and many other similar ones, from a variety of online marketers with different names.

Just remember…Free offers are NOT FREE.

The company is promoting another soon-to-be notorious ‘free bottle’ offer. The modus operandi is the same as we’ve been seeing in other free bottle or free trial scams over the years that first made headlines with acai berry products, green coffee products and others items. Once a nutritional product gets legitimate publicity and lots of consumer interest, the scammers comes out of the woodwork with their bogus free offer deals. We predict that soon free CBD offers will be flooding the internet.