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marijuana thin blood

In some cases, this could be similar to taking a one-time double dose of blood-thinner medication, it could temporarily increases the risks, but is unlikely to cause long-term issues. As the cannabinoids are excreted from the body, the platelets and clotting factors should return to their previous levels.

Patients should know that adding an occasional high dose of cannabis can cause blood to thin temporarily.

A 2007 study published in Phytomedicine showed cannabis, especially cannabinoids THC and CBN, act as anti-coagulants. The same study showed CBD had mild anti-coagulating effects.

Can Patients on Blood Thinners Use Cannabis Occasionally?

Because cannabis is an anti-coagulant, and because of the potential for blood thinners and cannabis to interact, patients on blood thinners should use caution when adding medical marijuana to their routine.

Signs or symptoms your blood might be too thin.

Patients who mix weed and blood thinners (and/or their caregivers) should also be aware of the signs of “thin blood”.

Coumadin and Cannabis: What Happen When You Mix Warfarin & Weed?

Marijuana has anticoagulant properties, meaning it extends the duration required for a clot to develop. So if you are a routine stoner and happen to have a wound, it may take some while for the injury to stop bleeding. It is often dangerous as you might lose a lot of blood especially if the injury is significant. This can also affect surgery. Well,operation creates wounds to access and repair something in your body. The incision points will likely take some time to stop bleeding and heal. So you need to communicate this to your healthcare provider before surgery. In fact, do yourself a favor and shun the stuff weeks before the procedure.

The use of pot, particularly immediately before surgery, can alter the dose your body requires for sedation. Those who use marijuana regularly usually need a substantially high dose for sedation.

Should you smoke weed before getting a tattoo?

You are probably thinking about smoking after surgery, but this too is unwise. It can lead to complications. Just like a cigarette, smoking weed reduces the supply of oxygen to the issues. Because it reduces the amount of oxygen to the incision site, smoking pot can slow down healing, which increases the likelihood of scarring. Generally, it will delay your healing and raise your risk of acquiring infection.

Time for your procedure is nearing,and you just want to puff some stuff to relax you and ease your stress before the surgery. Well, do not do it, it is a bad idea and can cause additional problems. Doctors say that using weed a day or hours before surgery can create increased dramatic effects.

First, it is essential to understand blood thinning and clotting before answering the question, “does smoking weed thin your blood?” Clotting is a crucial function of your body. It prevents your body from losing excess blood and prevents infections through a wound. Blood thinners do not affect the consistency of your blood. They inhibit or derail the process of clotting.