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CBD oil, frequently made from hemp, does not get you high.

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants; hemp plants don’t contain much THC, the substance in marijuana buds that causes humans to feel stoned.

Today, the shop at 3459 W. Kearney St. is one of the first retail outlets in Springfield to sell products made with CBD, or cannabidiol — an extract derived from hemp or marijuana plants. (CBD of Springfield was the first, and you can buy CBD products at Mama Jean’s Natural Market, according to its website.)

The News-Leader reached out to Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s office to learn whether CBD shops are legal in Missouri.

The most you might feel, said Garoutte, with CBD Boutique, is “like you just got a big hug,” if you take one of the CBD products his shop sells to address depression or anxiety.

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants. It does not produce intoxication; marijuana’s “high” is caused by the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). And you may have noticed it is everywhere. You can find it at your favorite natural market or any number of specialty stores popping up around the country. You can even find Holistic Cannabis Practitioners online. But the effectiveness of the CBD oil’s health claims is still up for debate.

According to WebMD, the potential benefits of CBD oil are still in question. Most research studies are small and done on animals, not humans. My quick review of studies available on PubMed supports this finding. The researchers seem to agree that early studies show there may be some potential health benefits, but they also agree more research is need understand what the real benefits of CBD oil are.

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You get up from the shampoo bowl rubbing that chronic crick in your neck. Your hairdresser tells you she has just the thing. She starts rubbing an earthy smelling cream on your neck. You can’t say the pain is gone, but the massage felt good. You ask her what she used. She says it’s a hemp oil salve. “Hemp?”, you say, “is that legal?” She laughs and says yes. She also points out that hemp and CBD oil are everywhere. She tells you that CBD oil may be the answer to everything ailing you. You love how your hair looks but you’re not quite ready to trust your hairdresser with your aches and pains too. But she has piqued your curiosity about the potential benefits of CBD oil.

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One example of CBD oil benefits with promise is anxiety. Treatment of anxiety, particularly social anxiety, is one area where there have been studies on humans. There is a study underway to better understand cannabidiol as a therapy for PTSD. However, none of the studies I have found can make any recommendation for the dosage or best way to use CBD oil. There are also studies on CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory or as a treatment for sleep that might show promise, but without double-blind controlled studies on humans, there is little certainty on their actual effectiveness.

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November to Novemberwhere he obtained SEC registration for offerings and conducted road shows for investors. The Food and Drug Administration, on June 25, announced that for the first time it was approving a drug derived from marijuana — specifically, from CBD.

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