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love cbd entourage oil 800mg review

Olive oil not only helps make the spray a little more palatable but it also serves to ensure that the active ingredients retain their strength/integrity even after months since being opened.

The Love CBD Entourage Oil 800mg offers a perfect example of why sprays are becoming ever more popular with both manufacturers and end users.

Raphael Mechoulam – the scientist who first identified the different compounds that make up the cannabis plant (THC, CBD etc) – believed that when used for health purposes, it was essential to have as many active cannabinoids bound together as possible.

Effective/Recommended Dosage

Note also that this is designed specifically as a food supplement and is not suitable for use in a vaporizer.

The theory runs that they complement each other and create an overall more powerful and long-lasting health boost, hence the ‘Entourage’ factor.

“May well be one of the very best sprays on the market.”

The logic behind this is pretty straightforward – not only do they deliver an exact amount of liquid per spray but they are also tidier, less fiddly to use and far less liable to leak.

It also contains terpenes such as:

We reveal the #1 U.K. seller…

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil is extracted from the highest quality cannabis grown in the Netherlands. The product is 100% natural, containing just cannabis extract and olive oil. The recommended dosage is 1–2 sprays under the tongue daily, preferably with food.

The company itself was founded in 2014, and its philosophy is simple; to provide high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price.

The entourage effect describes the combined power of all of cannabis’ active compounds, which is far greater than that of CBD alone. Love CBD has spent two years perfecting this blend, and lab results show that it contains a complete range of cannabinoids including:

However, once I started using it, I realised that this isn’t the case. The pump is like any other spray with the serving size depending on how hard you push the cap. Also, on each push there is less resistance which feels as if it isn’t primed properly.

The entourage oil from Love CBD promises to deliver a full spectrum of cannabinoids which provide the entourage effect. It has been demonstrated in studies and widely accepted that the interaction between cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural plant chemicals make them more effective than isolated CBD.

Love CBD Entourage Oil Taste

While I really didn’t enjoy the flavour it did remind me of something my granny used to say, if I had a particularly foul tasting medicine, “It’s supposed to taste bad, that’s how you can tell it’s going to do you good.”

I’ve been using the Love CBD 800mg entourage oil spray for two weeks now so let’s dig right in and begin with the taste.

When I have read product descriptions of CBD products that come in spray bottles, I got the impression that each pump gives you a precisely measured amount. Bottles like this often indicate how many pumps it contains in total or how much exact ingredient is delivered in each push of the cap.