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While we all have different body chemistries, and this will affect how your body reacts to CBD, we created this general guide.

“CBD Emporium is beyond thrilled to be partnered with Level Select CBD. Their branding provides a clear understanding of the CBD industry, even for those who are new to trying CBD products. The three different strength levels is perfect for every kind of consumer—no matter where they’re at on their CBD journey. Finding the best USA grown hemp genetics to put into the formulations guarantees some of the most effective products on the market today. The high-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil remains completely free of THC thanks to Level Select’s superb extraction and processing operation. Their refined formulations utilize a proprietary blend of broad-spectrum and nano CBD that helps with rapid absorption of the product for the consumer’s benefit. The three levels of CBD intensity directly correlate to the amount of CBD and hemp in each product. This brand is a Titan in the industry, and we’re elated to have them as part of the CBD Emporium family!” – Andrew Young, VP of Product Management

This soothing night time tincture is the perfect task to add to your evening routine. A good night’s sleep comes naturally and easily with this special CBD and melatonin formulation from Level Select CBD. The vanilla flavor offers a calming element to the experience, and the melatonin ensures the body is prepared for a great night of rest. This night time tincture comes in two potencies. The 900 mg in a 1 oz bottle, and 2400 mg in a 2 oz bottle.

Perhaps the best part about this CBD tincture from Level Select is the long list of options you have when it comes to choosing the best potency for you. This formulation is offered in varieties of 600 mg per 1 oz bottle, 1200 mg per 1 oz bottle, 500 mg per 1 oz bottle, 1200 mg per 2 oz bottle, 2400 mg per 2 oz bottle, or 5000mg per 2oz bottle.

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All materials are grown in the USA across hemp farms and greenhouses in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Maryland, and West Virginia. The meticulous extraction process completely removes all THC and other unwanted fats and waxes, leaving only the purest CBD for the products. Everything offered by Level Select CBD is third-party lab-tested, made cruelty-free, and is non-GMO.

Here we have a CBD Sports Cream that has been developed with proprietary ingredients resulting in a truly premium product. The impressive elements in this CBD sports cream will make choosing your next go-to cream a no-brainer. Levels 1, 2, and 3 have been developed with 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1200 mg respectively. The option to choose from not one, not two, but three different potencies is awesome because it caters to athletes on any part of the spectrum. The proprietary blend of broad-spectrum and nano CBD mixed with a cool mint scent all work together for an effective result. It’s common for products like this to leave the skin feeling greasy after an application, but this cream from Level Select leaves the skin feeling nothing but smooth to the touch.

The main ingredients in this tincture are listed below:

This CBD Sport Roll-on is the perfect version of the sports cream when you’re on the go! The ability to apply the topical without first getting it on the hands is a small but mighty feature not to be overlooked. Being able to apply this formulation directly onto any localized area with absolutely no mess and big results is a win-win for everyone! As an athlete, you’re constantly on the move and you’re hands are usually pretty full. Remembering to bring your CBD Sport Roll-on to your events is as simple as never taking it out of your gym bag!

About CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp plants and has many potential therapeutic benefits. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it does not induce any feelings of being "high." Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, compounds derived from hemp plants are now federally legal and consumers can enjoy the many benefits this natural compound provides.

"We’re excited to once again raise the bar for quality CBD products available to consumers with the launch of new LEVEL SELECT CBD Oil Drops," says Erick Dickens , CEO and Co-Founder of Kadenwood. "This new offering expands the variety of products in which users can experience the benefits of Kadenwood’s pure hemp-derived CBD oil, which has been perfected through our proprietary farming operations to create the highest quality CBD."

"In developing new LEVEL SELECT CBD Oil Drops, we were committed to creating products for the everyday user while maintaining the highest standards across quality and potency components," says Traci Mason , Vice President and General Manager at Kadenwood. "Just as with our established lines of Sports Creams and Roll-Ons, our new CBD Oil Drops offer some of the highest levels of CBD on the market at an affordable price point."

The new mint-flavored addition to the LEVEL SELECT brand was developed to the highest standards across quality and potency, offering consumers an innovative way to experience Kadenwood’s patented CBD formula. It joins the brand’s existing offerings of topical CBD Roll-Ons and Sports Creams, all containing only the purest form of CBD oil, without any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), created through Kadenwood’s unique vertically-integrated seed-to-shelf production technology.

Designed to lead the way for high-quality personal care CBD products, the LEVEL SELECT™ brand is an instant game-changer. The complete line helps users maintain a healthy and active lifestyle from smaller everyday activities to physical exercise, competitive sports, travel and more.

LEVEL SELECT CBD Oil Drops come in three levels of intensity:

New LEVEL SELECT CBD Oil Drops are now available online at starting at $69.99 .