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is cbd oil legal in nigeria

In essence, legalising marijuana would mean addressing some scientific issues for safety reasons. These are:

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Is there any scientific basis for legalising marijuana?

In my view we should not legalise marijuana yet, when there is little to no research data in our universities on the plant, especially the various cultivars that grow in our environment.

the quantities of the phytochemicals – THC and CBD – present in those varieties. Geography (terrain, soil quality and chemistry) affects the composition and relative amounts of plant phytochemicals.

The physician added: “Cannabis sativa in the processed form is already in use in our hospitals but to allow it in the raw form is what is under debate. But with current legislation against the use of the raw forms, it is common knowledge that it is widely used underground. It may therefore, be better if the current legislation is amended to allow its limited but regulated use for medicinal and non medicinal purposes, as discussed above.

Most people think of pain as an on and off switch, you either have it or you don’t. But pain, as De Vita describes it, is a complex phenomenon with several dimensions influenced by psychological and biological factors. For example, whereas pain intensity reflects a “sensory” dimension of pain, unpleasantness represents an “affective,” or emotional, aspect of pain. “If you think of pain as the noxious noise coming from a radio the volume can represent the intensity of the pain, while the station can represent the quality,” said De Vita.

The pharmacist further explained: “This becomes important when you consider adverse effects of cannabis abuse. Currently, Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in Nigeria, with particularly high rates of use among young people. The regular use of cannabis during adolescence is particularly of concern, because of increased risk of deleterious consequences in that age group.”

“There are various strains of hemp. The type that is grown legally in many countries for industrial hemp has low content of the addictive substance THC. This low THC containing strain has turned to a multi billion dollar business worldwide. It is used in medicine as a pain killer of the last resort, to control nausea in cancer patients, and those on radiation treatment. It is also used as an appetite suppressant.”

Amibor said available evidence shows that long term use of cannabis can lead to addiction and about nine per cent of those who experiment with Cannabis will become addicted, with the number increasing to 25 to 50 per cent among those who smoke cannabis illegally daily. He said withdrawal syndrome accompanies cannabis use, which include irritability, sleeping difficulties, dysphoria, craving and anxiety, which makes it difficult to stop and contributes to relapse. The pharmacist said regular use of cannabis is associated with an increased risk of anxiety and depression. “It is also linked with psychosis including those associated with schizophrenia. The need for strict monitoring of cannabis used in medical conditions described above cannot be overemphasized to avoid dependence and addiction on the long run,” he said.

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If you read about the legal issues in the USA, you will discover that,
some of the states have legalised it, not nationally yet though.

During a second 12-week phase, they received a placebo consisting of favored olive oil with no CBD. Because the study is a randomized, double-blind clinical trial meant to ensure scientific accuracy, families and Aran were not told whether each study participant received the CBD oil in phase one or in phase two.

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