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is cbd oil legal in new zealand

It is important to know that medicinal weed and medicinal cannabis are interchangeable terms and refer to both CBD oil and THC oil (the psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant).

I suffer depression, anxiety and self isolating, visit one sister and no friends, lots of medication.

Is Medicinal Cannabis Legal in New Zealand?

Hi Dr Waseem alzaher
I’ve had a sore lower back since young on a daily basis it’s very annoying I smoke alot to combat this it really does help, I no longer want to smoke, would it be possible to get prescription for CBD oil i have some history on record and what is the cost for the CBD oil

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CBD oil is expensive but with the right source of CBD oil, it can be affordable.

As mentioned before, you can only purchase CBD products in New Zealand if you are in possession of a prescription issued by your doctor, and you can only have access to these products from establishments that have been given a licence to sell medicinal cannabis.

Article updated in: 10/03/2021

These are some of the questions that should be answered before selecting one product to buy. MiisterCBD™ has done that work for you, and in our guide, you can find the answers to those questions in the detailed reviews we have written about the different CBD online shops available in New Zealand.

Can you travel to New Zealand with CBD products?

Guide about CBD in NZ written by MiisterCBD™.

Under this regulation, the definition of medicinal cannabis products includes any form of dried cannabis or pharmaceutical product, such as tablets, that contain one or more cannabis-based ingredients, such as CBD or THC.

The best CBD oil that can be bought in New Zealand is the one sold by the brand Endoca. This online shop offers premium hemp-derived CBD oil, that includes a full spectrum of beneficial additives, such as omega 3, vitamins E and D, phytocompounds, flavonoids, terpenes, co-nutrients, and co-factors.

The team of MiisterCBD™ has recognized the need to complete solid and thorough research on the variety of brands available in the CBD market in New Zealand, which will allow its readers to be safeguarded when selecting their online shop of choice. With this in mind, we are committed to giving you our honest reviews on the online shops available to ensure that you will always be satisfied with any purchase you make.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil – This is a refined version of the full spectrum which has a few cannabinoids left but no terpenes or other plant molecules. Typically there will be no THC left in a broad spectrum extract. It will be primarily CBD with very small amounts of some other cannabinoids.

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If you see CBD oil online in New Zealand it is being sold illegally, or it is not actually CBD oil.

The price you pay for some CBD oil is going to depend on the strength of the bottle and where you get it from.

Typically, CBD will come in 25ml, 30ml or 60ml dropper bottles of varying strength or concentration.