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is cbd oil legal in maine

However, for marijuana-derived CBD products with higher THC content, non-registered qualifying patients need to have a written certification from their physician. The written certification must be original and unexpired.

Another factor to consider in choosing a good CBD brand is its reviews and customer feedback. These give you additional information not only about the product but its manufacturer as well.

Both these laws gave Maine residents access to hemp-derived CBD products.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy CBD Oil in Maine?

Patients, both registered and non-registered, are given access to marijuana-derived CBD products. You’ll need a medical card (registered patients) or written certification from an authorized medical provider (non-registered patients) before buying medical marijuana.

Remember, consuming contaminated cannabis products is putting your health at risk.

Medical marijuana products have been legal in Maine since 1999. Hemp-derived CBD products, on the other hand, were made legally accessible to residents by the 2018 Farm Bill and the passing of the state’s LD 630 in 2019.

It’s perfectly fine to buy CBD oil online or from your local dispensary. You’ll find great CBD products from both sources.

When you search for cannabidiol products online or in local shops, you’ll see that they come in many different presentations. For instance, CBD infused tinctures and balms are popular as topical products for muscle pain management and skincare. You will also come across capsules and edibles, which let you to ingest cannabidiol more easily.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but a few of the many stores and dispensaries you will come across in the state of Maine. As mentioned earlier, here at Tanasi, we feel that online CBD sellers are more a nicer choice. Hopefully, the professionals at the local stores can also help you find what you need.

CBD has been gaining popularity in the cannabis industry for the past several years, and it likely will not stop any time soon. Its popularity stems from the many purported health benefits and potentially therapeutic effects it has on the body. We learned a lot about this substance for almost half a century, and it is finally being appreciated by many. Since cannabidiol is one of the fastest-growing wellness products available in the United States, getting CBD in Maine is easier than you may think.

Finding the Best CBD Products in Maine

Finally, you could simply get straight CBD oil and use it in any of the ways mentioned above or even while vaping.

Both hemp and marijuana-derived CBD are legal in the state. Following the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp products are legal across the United States, unless the in-state laws say otherwise. Luckily, no legislation has been put into place to regulate Cannabis in Maine.

Purchasing and consuming CBD in the state of Maine is easier compared to other regions of the United States. The state gives users a lot of options and flexibility when it comes to how they want to purchase the product in the first place. Also, as the demand for cannabidiol and related products increases, more stores will likely start to pop up.

In 2016, Maine joined the still-growing list of states in the U.S legalizing the recreational use of Cannabis. Under the Maine Marijuana Legalization Act, you can possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, which also includes concentrates. The state is also a true heaven for cannabis growers, as they’re free to grow six flowering plants and up to 12 plants in the non-flowering stage. Looking for more reasons to visit the state of Maine? Well, the latest initiative looks to legalize the use of marijuana use in social clubs with the aim of attracting more tourists to the region.