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is cbd oil legal in australia

Under New Zealand’s law, the content of tetrahydrocannabinol and other psychoactive substances mustn’t exceed 2%. The Ministry of Health notes that medicinal cannabis products like Sativex are not considered CBD products.

The aggressive reefer-madness campaign progressed with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which restricted cannabis sales with high taxes.

Fees and costs vary from one mail forwarding company to another. As we’ve already mentioned Shipito, here are its mail forwarding rates:

1. Marijuana

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Although Australia and New Zealand were both British colonies, they have a different cannabis history.

Finding CBD products can be challenging for Australians & New Zealanders — here are three top brands that ship nearby.

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Unlike its sister cannabis compound, THC, you don’t require approval from the TGA to receive a prescription for medicinal marijuana.

Melbourne has one of Australia’s best medical cannabis companies and clinics. They provide legal CBD oil to patients with a medical condition that has existed for more than three months.

What Doctors Can Prescribe CBD Oil In Australia?

The most popular Cannabis Doctors Australia clinic provides legal CBD oil to patients who have a referral from their local GP.

Doctors who are Authorised Prescribers in Australia can legally supply unapproved medicinal products that may include CBD and THC.

Even though some states may have different laws, federal law making cannabis products, including CBD oil, legal is what matters to Australians seeking medicinal cannabis treatment.

“CBD is obviously pretty important. Its anti-inflammatory capacity and its ability to protect the brain is evident in almost every study that you pick up.”

Already there’s countless overseas companies taking an interest in selling to Aussies. “They see it as perhaps the fastest growing market in the world, even though it’s a small population the numbers add up,” says Dr Iain.

'It definitely has an effect on mood': Cannabidiol used to ease pain and anxiety in pets

After Grace was diagnosed with cancer, she turned to medicinal cannabis. But getting it legally was a challenge, so she’s sticking with the black market — and experts say her experience is common.

“CBD got caught up in the whole medical cannabis legalisation thing that happened from late 2016,” Dr Iain explains. As part of that, there was a “torturous process” set up for Australians to access CBD, whereby you had to go through a doctor, hope said doctor is educated about CBD and is in favour of its use, then persuade them that CBD is right for you, then they would need to write a complicated application and send that off to Canberra to the TGA who would then decide either way.

You’ve probably met its mate, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (aka THC aka the one that makes you ≋h≋i≋g≋h≋) but CBD will not get you stoned. (Unless you’ve got it from somewhere slightly dodgy and you’re not 100% sure about the THC content).