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how to make cbd oil taste better

CBD oil is a wonderful solution for those looking to get all the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of THC. It also provides a safe, healthier alternative to methods of consumption like smoking.

As people become increasingly more conscious of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, they are discovering different was to consume it. While smoking medical marijuana is what most people think of when they hear about medicinal cannabis, this as a method is fast fading into the background. Smoking marijuana can lead to the ingestion of toxic chemicals; however, there are other ways to consume it that are much healthier.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to mask the taste. Read on to find out our top 10 ways for masking the taste of CBD oil.

10. Purchase some Vcaps®

If you take your CBD oil in the morning or at night, try brushing your teeth beforehand. You can minimize the taste by doing this, since your tongue will allow you to taste more minty flavors instead of the earthy taste of the oil.

Note, however, that there are additional medicinal benefits in the other compounds, so you may not get all of the advantages of full-spectrum CBD oil. If you really can’t bear the taste though, it might be worth switching to an isolate.

Absorption time through this method can be upwards of an hour, so you need to be aware of this. Don’t up your dosage in hopes that the effects will kick in quicker – it could just send you over your regular dosage and you might build up a tolerance!

After administering the oil beneath your tongue, close your mouth tightly and breathe through your nose. This is, admittedly, not the best way to mask the taste but it might allow you to mask it by not drawing air over your tongue. You could even hold your nose, since many studies have shown that this can stop you tasting altogether. Ever wondered why food doesn’t taste so good when you have a cold? A blocked nose can block your taste receptors, which is why this method might also work for taking CBD oil.

If you apply this to CBD oil, virtually all of its taste is taken away, giving you a much better experience.

You can try water, or some people find that a flavoured drink works better. Likewise, you could also try eating something small. Some people like to eat a mint after taking their CBD oil – or even pop it under the tongue at the same time as the CBD oil. You could also try a square of chocolate under the tongue at the same time or honey. Food and drink shouldn’t affect the CBD so there is no knock-on effect from this technique.

When your nose is blocked, it can block the taste buds and so by holding your nose whilst the CBD is under your tongue, you can help to block out its taste.

Brush your teeth beforehand

It is also important to remember that if you are planning on eating your entire dose, you must also make sure that you eat the whole dish to get the right dosage.

CBD producers are only too aware of the taste of CBD oil, and so have started to produce flavoured oils. With a few years of development under their belts, flavoured CBD sublingual oils are improving. CBD Products like this are designed for new and experienced users alike, are easy to use and help to support and maintain your bodies endocannabinoid system.

You can also use this technique to develop a CBD routine – taking it twice a day just after brushing your teeth, for example.

There are, of course many other various types of CBD oil products available for sale, but for some people, taking their CBD under the tongue is the best way for them – even if they don’t like the taste.

Cannabidiol extract with too much chlorophyll looks greener than it should, and if you still have any doubts, you’ll know that your oil is chlorophyll-contaminated from the first taste. Chlorophyll doesn’t taste anything like CBD, which tastes bitter like a drug or supplement.

Sublingual consumption, or putting CBD under your tongue, offers more potent effects than normal oral administration. Putting hemp oil under your tongue, however, isn’t worth it unless you can commit to holding it there for at least 60 seconds. For people who find the distinctive taste of hemp oil to be irredeemably off-putting, however, this simple task might be a bridge too far.

1. Buy high-quality CBD oil

While smoke might be bad for your lungs, at least it doesn’t taste overwhelming and oily. Since oral-route hemp products offer long-term, low-grade effects, complementing your Secret Nature tincture with a cannabidiol pre-roll might be just the ticket.

CBD oil blends surprisingly well with coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. Most cold drinks, on the other hand, won’t work well with hemp oil. One exception is smoothies, which go great with a few dropperfuls of Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Nectar .

Let’s examine seven of the most-used techniques for hiding or utterly eliminating the taste of CBD oil: