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how to get cbd oil in mississippi

Let’s start with the basics!

Online shopping is convenient and effective, especially with all these wholesale deals, discounts, and special prices for top-notch products. What else makes buying CBD oil online more tempting? Imagine having unlimited access to the best CBD-infused goods at affordable prices. Plus, having a door-to-door delivery is pure gold since you don’t have to waste your precious time walking around the city and looking for your favorite hemp product.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Mississippi?

The Magnolia State is definitely not a marijuana-friendly place, but there is a glimpse of hope since the state has decriminalized the possession of marijuana. Fortunately, as CBD oil continues to gain popularity as one of the most recommended health and wellness products, we can actually enjoy it in Mississippi. However, not all CBD oils are the same, and the legal status of a particular product depends on its source.

Now, since all hemp products are legal throughout all 50 states, there are many online retailers you can order your desired product from.

Now, cannabidiol can be derived either from hemp or marijuana. Since marijuana is not legal in the state, if you want to use CBD products, it’s wise to know all the rules and laws regarding buying CBD oil in Mississippi.

The punishment for possession depends on your criminal history and the amount of marijuana you have.

Mississippi made a small step toward more progressive marijuana laws when it decriminalized possession of small amounts in 1979. Under these laws, first-time possession of fewer than 30 grams isn’t a criminal issue.

Is Marijuana Legal in Mississippi?

Therefore, Mississippi is not a place you want to be caught with marijuana — especially if you’re selling it.

Now for the exciting part — where do you buy industrial hemp CBD in Mississippi?

So what are CBD and THC?

People are allowed to use and buy CBD oil derived from hemp. However, those that were derived from cannabis are only available in stringent conditions. Despite the 2014 Farm Bill allowing the use of CBD under federal law, states like Mississippi choose not to adopt it.

Aside from assessing a retailer’s Certificate of Analysis, there are more factors in determining CBD oil quality. Before consumers search up CBD oil when they’re in Mississippi, they must first confirm that their product’s industrial hemp was sourced in the US.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Mississippi?

The law only permits the use of CBD products from cannabis for those suffering epileptic conditions. In addition, the University of Mississippi may use and cultivate it for research purposes.

A consumer must check for other cannabinoids listed on the product’s Certificate of Analysis. Moreover, it’s best to buy CBD from retailers with accredited third-party testing. While in-house testing might be reliable, an unbiased tester may examine their products better. Nonetheless, consumers should choose sources that have a COA.

The Hospitality State has allowed the use of certain CBD oil Mississippi products. While the 2014 Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation, state laws like those from Mississippi declined to adopt it.