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how long should a bottle of cbd last? (with illustrations) does a bottle of cbd last a long time? you may be looking into buying your first bottle of cbd oil, or maybe you recently did. either Does CBD oil expire? Unfortunately, yes. Though it’s typically good for around 14 and 24 months, not all CBD oils are created equal. Here’s how to make it last …

how long should a bottle of cbd last? (with illustrations)

does a bottle of cbd last a long time? you may be looking into buying your first bottle of cbd oil, or maybe you recently did. either way, there are a lot of products out there at different sizes and prices, and we think it’s only right for you to be in the know on all the factors that can go into answering the following question: how long should a bottle of cbd last?

how long a bottle of cbd lasts depends on a variety of factors, including both the volume (in milliliters) and the concentration of cbd (in milligrams) inside the bottle, as well as the amount of cbd one takes in a setting and how often one is consuming cbd.

cbd is used for a wide range of reasons ranging from ailments to as a health supplement, and that number will continue to grow as as we keep learning more about cbd and its role with the human body (and all other animals too ). different doses are optimal for different conditions and will have different effects on different people, with individual body chemistry only adding to the fun.

high-potency cbd tinctures are critical

ever see a label on a cbd tincture that looks something like this: “1,000mg / 30ml” and wonder what it means? we gotchu – let’s first take a second to break it all down, and then we can tackle the more important -task of applying what it all means.

the first number you see in that denotation (in this example it’s 1,000mg) is the amount of cbd present in a given bottle of cbd oil. as you can see, it is measured in milligrams (mg), which is a measurement of mass and is expressed in weight. this is similar to many other nutrients we consume regularly: vitamin c, calcium, sodium, potassium, and iron are only a handful of vitamins and minerals that are measured in milligrams. similarly, mind-altering substances such as caffeine and thc are also measured in milligrams.

like thc, cbd is fat-soluble. therefore, a given mass of cbd must bind to a fat in order to preserve its condition. enter carrier oils such as olive oil and mct oil: these “healthy fats” are the perfect means of keeping your cbd tincture potent (hopefully) and intact. of course, these oils are liquids, and we measure liquids in terms of volume, such as ounces or liters. here’s where the “milliliters” part of the formula comes into play: when all is said and done, the end formula has a certain mass (mg of cbd) that has been absorbed into a certain volume (ml of tincture).

to put that all into the aforementioned formula, “1,000mg / 30ml” means that there are 1,000 mg of cbd in the bottle, and that bottle contains 30ml of the finished product, which in this case is a cbd oil tincture.

understanding the potency of your cbd oil

now that we know how to read a bottle’s ratio of mg per ml, we can do some simple math to understand the potency of a given bottle of cbd. and even if math scares you, you can probably proceed without doing any basic calculations. let’s look at two examples.

  • bottle 1: 1,000mg / 30ml
  • bottle 2: 500mg / 30ml

can you figure out which is more potent? obviously, both bottles are the same volume of 30ml, but the first example has 1,000mg of cbd and the second has half that amount. what that really means is you need to take twice as much of the 500mg tincture in order to consume the same amount (mg) of cbd s the 1,000mg tincture! so basic math shows us that if you were taking 25mg per day of cbd as an example, bottle 1 would last you 40 days, while bottle 2 would last you only 20 days.

some bottles of cbd will also tell you how many ml are in a full dropper, and the even cooler ones will a) do the math for you and tell you how many milligrams of cbd you’re getting in each dropper, and b) measure out the dropper so that you can accurately gauge a fraction of a full dropper. of course, we are happy to do all of these things because we want to help you eliminate the guesswork as much as possible: in a full-sized zadaka tincture, one full dropper is 1ml. the bottle itself is 30ml and contains 1,000mg cbd. let’s try another example.

  • bottle 1: 1,000mg / 30ml
  • bottle 2: 333mg / 10ml
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did you come to the conclusion that these two examples have the same potency? both the amount of cbd and overall volume of the tincture are in the same ratio, meaning the tinctures in question have the same potency despite being differently-sized bottles.

in both cases, a 1ml dropper contains 33.33mg cbd. a half-full dropper full would then have 16.66mg cbd, as it only contains 0.5ml of the overall tincture. knowing this information can help you figure out an accurate dosage size, and can furthermore help you assess how long a bottle of cbd will last you. mental math can do the trick just fine: for example, if you’re taking one full dropper a day (1ml) from a 30ml bottle, then your bottle will last you 30 days, or basically a month.

bonus tip – this information can also help you assess the price value of your cbd oil. you can divide the price of a bottle of cbd by the amount of mg cbd inside it in order to figure out the price per mg that a bottle of cbd will cost you.

how much cbd are you taking, and how often?

since we learned that the potency of a tincture affects the volume of cbd you take (as well as how long a bottle will last), it’s also worth noting that you can figure out how long a bottle of cbd will last you in terms of number of doses as well. let’s stick to the example of a bottle that contains 1,000mg of cbd inside it. regardless of the volume, we can do some easy math to figure out the number of doses you would have in a given bottle. here’s a chart that illustrates this a little better. (we should make this a better graphic obv)

by looking at this chart, you can see how many doses your bottle of cbd will last you if your tincture is 1,000mg. this is true regardless of the volume (ml) of your tincture; it just means that a less-concentrated tincture will require you to consume more of the tincture for an equivalent amount of cbd. we can also compare some other sized tinctures to break things down a little more.

while the potency is important, the price per mg is also critical. this chart could be valuable if you find a less-potent tincture for a lower overall relative cost, and it’s important to see that the amount of cbd in a tincture has a direct relationship to the number of doses in said tincture, regardless of your dose size.

lastly, knowing the number of doses you have in a bottle is also valuable when factoring in how often you are taking cbd. some people like to take it multiple times per day, whereas others may take it once in the morning and be done with it. it’s worth paying attention to your own consumption habits in this regard, as a person who takes one 1ml dropper once a day will go through a bottle less than a person who takes half a dropper three times per day.

closing thoughts

all four of the factors mentioned in this article can help you figure out how long a bottle of cbd oil will last you. regardless, there is no one-size-fits-all model to cbd and the human condition. while we cannot medically recommend or prescribe dosage sizes for people who take cbd, we do hope to provide you with some information that can help make your cbd journey more navigable.

we know there are a lot of variables when it comes to your cbd journey. science continues to improve our understanding of the cannabis plant and our relationship with it, but there are still a lot of gray areas, especially when it comes to individual body chemistry and individual experiences with the cannabis plant as a whole. despite all of this, we hope to have given you all the information you need to combine with your own cbd experience to figure out how long a bottle of cbd will last.

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Does CBD Oil Expire?

Since the federal legalization of industrial hemp in late 2018, the popularity of hemp-derived supplements such as cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp oil has increased substantially. CBD is now used by millions of Americans to help relieve a number of ailments, including inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and more — and demand appears to be increasing every year. But with bottles of CBD oil finding their way into the medicine cabinets of more and more Americans, many are wondering, “Does CBD oil expire?” The answer is yes, but it’s not all black and white. Here we’ll take a look at the factors that affect your CBD oil’s shelf life, how to tell if it’s gone bad, and what you can do to make it last longer.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

The average lifespan of a bottle of CBD oil is 14 to 24 months. But not all CBD oils are created equal, and there are a few key factors that can affect a product’s shelf life — for better or worse.

Factors That Affect Your CBD’s Shelf Life

There are several factors that work together to determine how long CBD oil lasts, starting with the growing of the plant itself and ending with your own care and storage of the product. Here are the main points to be aware of.

Quality: The fact that high-quality products are likely to last longer than their low-quality counterparts is no surprise. From the soil where the hemp is grown to the purity of the carrier oil the CBD is mixed with, each part contributes to (or detracts from) the final product’s shelf life.

Ingredients: While NuLeaf Naturals produces a pure CBD oil , many suppliers will include additives such as flavorings. Unfortunately, any additives will have their own shelf life, which can negatively affect how long the final product will last. For this reason, it’s a good idea to read the product label as well as the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) to find out what’s really in it.

Extraction process: The carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) extraction method is considered to be the gold standard in CBD manufacturing. Not only does it result in a higher concentration of hemp cannabinoids, but it also maintains compound stability, increasing shelf life.

Packaging: Many manufacturers use dark amber or green glass bottles to package their CBD oil. While this is intended to reduce exposure to light, it doesn’t entirely protect the product inside. NuLeaf Naturals CBD oils are bottled in a violet glass, which only allows the violet and infrared spectrum of light to penetrate through. As neither of these visible waves have the capacity to harm or degrade the material inside, you can feel confident your product will last.

Product Type: It’s also important to consider the type of CBD product. For example, softgels tend to last longer than capsules since they’re fully sealed and airtight, removing the opportunity for the carrier oil to oxidize.

Storage: It’s well-known that heat and light will increase CBD degradation. Storing your CBD supplements in a cool, dark place such as a cabinet, pantry, or drawer, will help prolong its life. Storing your CBD oil in the refrigerator will help it last even longer.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Buy at a Time?

As with most other products, purchasing CBD oil in larger quantities can lower the cost per ounce, however — to avoid purchasing CBD that will go bad before you get to use it — you need to take into account the particular product’s shelf life as well as your own personal dosing and frequency of use.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD products have a guaranteed shelf life of two years. If you’re using our suggested dosage of 30 mg of CBD oil on a daily basis, then our largest bottle will last you about six to seven months. While individual dosing and frequency preference will vary from person to person, many individuals take CBD on a daily basis, as this provides the most reliable results.

How Good Is CBD After Its Expiration Date?

CBD works in an integrated manner with the body’s own Endocannabinoid System (ECS) — a kind of complex communication system among cells that regulates a host of functions throughout the body including metabolism, mood, and memory.

Over time, the cannabinoids in CBD oil will degrade and lose their potency, making them less effective in their interactions with the ECS. In other words, CBD will go bad. And when it does, you likely won’t get the full therapeutic benefits from your CBD oil once it’s expired.

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How to Know if Your CBD Oil Is Bad

While any CBD oil that you purchase should have its expiration date clearly marked, there are factors that could shorten its life, such as excess exposure to light, heat, and air. Even so, the label may become damaged over time, making it difficult to discern the “best-by” date. Here are some things to look for when determining whether your CBD oil has gone bad.

It looks murky and has a thick consistency. Keep in mind, “murky” isn’t the same as “cloudy.” If you keep your CBD in the refrigerator, or even a cold room, it can become cloudy. However, it should return to its normal appearance after a few minutes at room temperature. Aside from that, if it becomes thicker and darker than you’re accustomed to, it’s likely degraded to some degree.

It smells skunky. A fresh bottle of CBD oil should have an “earthy” smell and shouldn’t be unpleasant. If it starts to smell funky, it may be on its way out.

It tastes “off.” Unflavored CBD typically tastes “earthy” or “nutty” — some might even describe it as “grassy.” While these might not be your favorite flavors, it shouldn’t be unpalatable. However, if your CBD oil has expired — as with most other oils that go bad — it will taste rancid.

How to Store CBD Oil to Prolong Its Shelf Life

As a consumer, you can store your CBD properly to help prolong its viable shelf life. Specifically, avoid light, heat, excess exposure to air, and moisture. Here are some specific tips to help your CBD oil last longer.

  • Store it in a cool, dark place — like a drawer or cabinet — to avoid exposing it to excessive light.
  • Seal it up tight. Exposure to air can contribute to faster oxidation of your CBD oil. To avoid this, store tincture bottles upright and close the lids tightly when not in use. If you have capsules or softgels , continue to store them in the original, airtight container.
  • Keep CBD away from heat sources such radiators, ovens, stoves, and windowsills. Ideally, store your CBD at room temperature (around 60 to 70°F), or in your refrigerator. If the oils appear to have separated after storing the product in the fridge, just give the bottle a good shake.
  • Try not to store CBD in your car, especially if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures and/or intense sunlight.
  • Reduce contamination of your CBD oil by always using a clean spoon or dropper. This will help to keep unwanted bacteria from entering the bottle.

CBD Lifespan: The Manufacturing Difference

Since 2014, NuLeaf Naturals has been committed to creating the world’s highest-quality cannabinoid products. Our full spectrum cannabinoid extracts contain no additives, only organic hemp. To ensure a full range of cannabis compounds and other beneficial phytonutrients are preserved, we only source cannabinoids that are extracted using safe and eco-friendly methods (CO 2 extraction). The result is the purest and most effective products on the market.

With a guaranteed shelf life of 24 months, it’s easy to take advantage of cost savings by purchasing a larger bottle of CBD oil. You could even keep a backup on hand in case your bottle is dropped, broken, lost, left behind, or lent out to a friend.

If you find your preferred dosage varies from our suggested serving size, the NuLeaf Naturals Expert Team is available to assist you in determining how long your desired bottle size will last based on your dosage and frequency preference.

Shop pure CBD oil from NuLeaf Naturals today and experience the difference high-quality, full spectrum CBD oil or CBD capsules can make..

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