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At WeightWorld we have formulated a supremely concentrated 500mg Hemp Oil. This Hemp-based, high potency substance has been making waves in the food supplement industry as a go-to product for providing a wealth of wellness benefits, including targeting brain, heart and joint health as well as helping to boost mood and overall wellbeing. Just a few premium drops of our vegan-friendly concentrated Hemp Oil extract per day can perfectly enhance a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is free of any of the controversial substances found in plants of the Hemp family and carries no known side-effects. We recommend that you store this product in a cool and dry place that is out of the reach of children and we recommend returning and fastening the lid securely after every use. These oils are not designed for use with vaporizers, vape pens, e-cigarettes, or any other vaping device, nor are they formulated to treat or diagnose any existing medical condition. Oil colour may vary from batch to batch.

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Despite the controversy that has surrounded Hemp in previous decades, these plants are gaining more and more traction in the supplement world, as healthcare professionals begin to discover the wealth of health benefits that they might have. Hemp’s most powerful and concentrated oil, Hemp Oil, is typically the ingredient that people are looking for as it is believed to be what encapsulates these benefits. Many clinical studies have been undertaken into this mysterious oil, and they have come back with some interesting results.

of people who regularly have trouble relaxing felt using OTO had a positive effect.

‘I didn’t find myself getting overwhelmed in stressful situations.’

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‘On applying the oil cbd product to the temples I had an immediate boost from the aroma. Very stimulating. I felt an immediate alertness. Energy levels and focus increased. Very alert and very productive.’

At OTO we’re on a mission to help people discover the power of CBD
We design thoughtful and effective products that easily and enjoyably fit into your daily routines.
Meaning ‘sound’ in Japanese, OTO represents the space between sound and silence; our products help you FIND YOUR SPACE in this busy world.

‘Concentration levels better. Calmer under stress.’