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hemp oil for animals

Bring home this silent and strong healer essential for your pet’s health and well-being. Bring home your own bottle of Hemp Seed Oil for pets and let your pets enjoy its multiple benefits.

Dogs spread unconditional joy and love in our lives. Our four-legged buddies suffer from a lot of health problems throughout their lifetime. As responsible pet parents it is our duty to make sure that we reduce their suffering so that they can lead healthy lives. Most times, they try to make themselves understood through their behaviour. We can try our best to understand them and free them from stress.

Hemp Seed Oil is derived from the commonly known plant marijuana a.k.a, Cannabis sativa. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical compound present in this plant with the psychoactive properties. Most Hemp Seed Oils are devoid of this chemical and are 100% safe to use on your pooches.

Acts as a pain reliever: The plant Cannabis sativa has been recognized in the medical field since 2900 B.C and has helped doctors with relieving pain. It has an anti-inflammatory property in it. Many senior dogs suffer from arthritic pain or the normal skeletal or joint pain in our adult dogs also. Sometimes because of an internal injury while playing they might get a slight pain in their joints which turns into limping. In such cases a gentle massage with Hemp Seed Oil is extremely beneficial to relieve this pain and allows them to continue hopping happily as usual.

Choose a Hemp Seed Oil which is made by extracting the cannabidiol from the Cannabis Sativa, hence pure and is not diluted with any other carrier oil.

Relieves anxiety & stress: Cases of anxiety and depression have been on the rise not only in humans but in pets too. The lockdown has ended and everyone is back to their offices leaving their pets all alone at home. The constant attention they have been getting from all these months to the sudden loneliness could make them depressed. Firecrackers are an integral part of any celebration from festivals to weddings. A loud noise can make your dogs go uneasy as their ears are more sensitive towards sound. In such cases, Hemp Seed Oil works as a boon for your pets and calms them down.

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In fact, products made from the hemp plant can provide a number of benefits to dogs of all breeds and all sizes. Here are just a few reasons why you might want your pets to use CBD.

Cornbread Hemp makes a CBD oil for pets that uses USDA certified organic hemp extract and organic coconut oil and is free from additives and preservatives. This full spectrum hemp extract is specifically formulated to leave out the earthy flavors of whole plant extract that some pets don’t like. It actually includes a unique vegan corndog flavoring to make it a tastier option for dogs. It’s a great option to help provide your pet with relief from joint pain, discomfort, or anxiety.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an increasingly popular natural remedy. Many scientists have vouched for CBD's potential in treating chronic pain, anxiety, and other ailments. And as more and more humans experience the merits of CBD, some are beginning to use it on their dogs as well.

Best for Small Breeds: CBDistillery

Spruce CBD oil for dogs provides the same lab-grade CBD found in the brand’s other products, but it’s made with coconut oil to be easier on your pet’s digestive system. The product is 100% natural and only contains two ingredients: organic full-spectrum CBD oil and organic coconut oil. Since it doesn’t have any flavoring, mix it in with your dog’s favorite food.

NuLeaf Naturals is a good option for pet owners who are new to CBD because its products have 60 milligrams of CBD per milliliter, so it’s easier to adjust dosage. What’s more, NuLeaf makes its products from CBD that’s CO2-extracted from organic hemp plants in Colorado. These products are also certified as organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, making them the only dog CBD products to bear that distinction.

The company has found that these baseline dosages are sufficient for 70% of pet owners that use its products, but in some instances, a dog may need more than the recommended starting dose. If this is the case, it's usually best to slowly increase the CBD dosage and carefully monitor your pet's reaction to find their perfect dose.

Finally, while shopping for a CBD product for your pet, look out for these factors: natural or organic hemp harvesting methods (which means there are no artificial ingredients), dog-friendly flavors (like chicken, bacon, or peanut butter), and overall concentration of CBD (which speaks to the potency of the products).

One of the must illustrative ways Hemp has been shown to have medical benefits is its ability to help reduce and stop seizures. One study showed that 84% of children saw a reduction of their seizures when taking hemp oil. Humans are not alone in suffering from epilepsy, some estimate up to 5% of pets suffer from seizures. Other epilepsy treatments require a prescription from the vet. Often they are powerful and damaging to organs over time, but Hemp Oil is effective, gentle, and all natural.

In multiple studies, Hemp Oil has been shown to also reduce inflammation. All mammals experience inflammation, as the immune system fights real (or perceived) threats. Often inflammation exacerbates the underlying problem, as inflammatory cytokines are released for a variety of reasons. Especially in older dogs, this inflammation can become chronic, hurting joints and mobility. Hemp Oil has been shown to naturally realign inflammatory agents, so that your dog’s immune system remains strong but their joints are no longer swollen and painful.

4.) Proven Treatment for Seizures

Since canine life spans are so much shorter than our own, it is easier to identify when our furry friends start to age, and their bodies begin to break down. If you have ever noticed slight personality shifts as your pet ages, this can be attributed to cell atrophy. The nervous system is often the most affected by cell death. Hemp Oil is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent free radicals and toxins from accelerating this decline.

Many pets experience some form of skin allergies, whether seasonal or year-round. In 2005, a study found that hempseed oil “improved symptoms of atopic dermatitis”. This is due to one of the components of Hemp Oil, Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA is an essential omega-6 fat. Even healthy dogs are known to be deficient in it, which causes a range of health problems including skin allergies.

We have recently started providing Hemp Oil for Pets at Downtown Pet Supply. While it has already been a popular product, we want to detail the reasons we think it’s a staple for any pet parent, especially those whose fur-child has a variety of health concerns.