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feel good essentials cbd oil

The CBD oil is absolutely amazing it helps me greatly with my sleeping problems and also with my osteoarthritis
I highly recommend it

Great purchase experience, everything went smoothly, fast delivery.

Would highly recommend this product and company. I will be continuing to use their CBD oil which has shown fantastic results for me.

The CBD oil is absolutely amazing it…

Firstly, online purchase and delivery was straightforward and rapid.
We have seen a substantial decrease in the frequency of my daughter’s epileptic seizures, since introducing only a small amount of FeelGood oil in addition to her existing CBD oil. It seems that the unique method of extraction of FeelGood is providing a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes not present in our existing “winterised” oil. We are excited to slowly increase the amount of FeelGood and hopefully attain close-to complete control.
I have also been impressed with the technical support from the FeelGood staff.

Why is CBG so expensive to produce?

Unlike almost all other cannabis oils, we never heat treat the plant material as this destroys the terpenes which are hundreds of naturally occurring beneficial compounds within the plant.


Is CBD Oil legal in the UK?

– Muscular pain including Spasticity and muscle cramps

There are more recent studies showing that CBG may have real potential in assisting weight-loss therapies.

Our source plants are grown in certified organic soil. We don’t use any pesticides and our plants are fed with natural organic nutrients.

You also run the Feel Good Cafe, tell us about the story behind that?

“Primarily we stay true to our core values and we try doing what we truly love: promoting veganism and other health-related products and services”

Where do you see the vegan scene moving into in the next 5 years?

What are your future plans for Feel Good?

We started the cafe totally from scratch, with perhaps 5k of investment. We didn’t do everything perfectly from the beginning and we still don’t. However, we expand as we go along, we invest the money we make back into the business.