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Cannabichromene (CBC): CBC phytocannabinoids contribute to the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal effects of medical cannabis.

CBD has been seen to exhibit many beneficial effects and is known to provide symptom relief for many common ailments, such as inflammation and sleeplessness.

Derived from non-GMO sustainable industrial hemp cultivated without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers, the ECN tincture is a pure phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil and has been refined to remove THC.

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

Physician oversight of your unique health issues and goals goes hand-in-hand with ECN’s mission of providing a truly superior product line that offers many potential health benefits. For that reason, the ECN product line is available only through healthcare professionals.

The extremely complex ECS plays a vital role, offering treatment target area for many common and debilitating conditions.

Section 7606 of existing federal law states that regardless of another federal law (including the Controlled Substances Act), if the growing and cultivation of industrial hemp is allowed under state law and overseen by the Department of Agriculture, then the product can be manufactured and sold as part of the state’s approved hemp pilot program.

ECN products are unique. With cannabidiol and a full range of cannabinoid molecules, ECN’s ingredients function synergistically to offer a broad spectrum of potential health benefits for your patients.

The problem with traditional, non-treated CBD oils is that they aren’t efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream due to the high volume of water in the human body and how oil is processed by the intestines and the liver.

Our CBD oils are a game changer and as a result, we’ve raised the bar on CBD excellency. Our CBD oil is treated with micelles, special molecules made of two parts that encourage the oil to dissolve in water.

Water Soluble CBD Isolate 5%

The micellization process converts fat-soluble substances with purely natural and non-allergenic expedients, into water-soluble substances – there are no heavy metals, pesticides or moulds in any of our products so you can buy in confidence.

This treatment increases the absorption and bioavailability up to 15 times as the solution doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system to be delivered to the bloodstream, losing active ingredients.

Feel the effects stronger for longer and control your dose more accurately with our award-winning Swiss formula. Our medical grade CBD oils enable full body absorption meaning you get the best out of every drop, in a choice of 10 or 30ml tamper proof dropper bottles, ideal to take mixed in water.

When it comes to holistic dietary supplements, CBD is one plant extract that people can't seem to get enough of. You can find it in a variety of forms, including CBD oil tinctures, bath bombs, CBD creams, and even CBD gummies.

Although it's important to remember that just like any other therapeutic product, seek your doctor's advice before taking CBD to make sure it won't interact with your current medical regimen. Also, if you have a serious medical condition like diabetes or heart disease, be sure to ask your doctor if taking CBD is safe for you and if so, what dosage he or she suggests.

Here are the CBD gummies we reviewed:

However, there are several variables that may affect how many CBD gummies you should take, like the amount of CBD in each gummy or how your body metabolizes CBD.

Potency: 25 mg of CBD isolate per chew

Whether you need a boost of energy, some soothing relaxation, or a better night’s sleep, Medterra has the right CBD gummies for the job. These tasty edibles are available in three different ways: a tropical fruit-flavored “Keep Calm,” a strawberry-flavored “Sleep Tight,” and a citrus punch-flavored “Stay Alert” formula. Each gummy is THC-free, non-GMO, and contains natural ingredients (like L-theanine, melatonin, or green tea) to meet each of these needs respectively.