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elevate cbd oil review

We think it’s cool that Elevate offers three CBD products that will leave you with fresh breath. But we are irked at a claim that they make. Specifically, the company states, “Elevate products only use natural ingredients.”

Elevate CBD claims their products are doctor-developed. Said doctor is their senior medical advisor, Dr. Murdoc Khaleghi, a physician, expert in wellness and prevention, and published author. Behind the scenes, the brand employs a passionate team of active individuals that truly believe in the power of CBD.

And also, Elevate has labeled all their CBD products ‘full spectrum.’ Without comprehensive potency tests that show results for a range of cannabinoids, how are we supposed to believe them?

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Instead, Elevate posts CoAs with strikingly limited information. We’ve seen these type of CoAs before, but they’re certainly not the norm. Each lists the percentage of CBD and THC (no other cannabinoids) and results for microbiological impurities. For one, we need to see more contaminants results — including residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals — to award the Safety Badge.

Bottom Line – Elevate CBD admittedly offers a few good options to freshen your breath with CBD, but they have a lot of work to do to gain trust from discerning CBD consumers.

If only we had a residual solvents test to look at to verify that no harmful solvents are present…

Elevate CBD firmly believes that everyone is entitled to wellness. We totally agree. In fact, that’s why we do what we do. But the brand falls a bit short when it comes to easing minds of more discerning CBD consumers. For example, they do not disclose their extraction method for their CBD oil. Their independent lab tests also leave something to be desired. Take a look to learn more.

Strength on these would keep me coming back for more. Very effective pain relief.

Elevate CBD strips are thin strips of edible film that contain CBD oil in them. They pack a potent punch of relief and are simple to use. Here we go a comparison of this to other CBDs in this Elevate CBD review.

The Elevate CBD strips are one of the stronger CBD products that I have tried, and I have tried a lot of them. I have also tried a lot of Elevate’s other products, including doing an Elevate CBD gum review, and the strips are by far their best product, and my gauge for best is usually what is

Elevate Dissolving Strips Prove Strong

Elevate CBD strips dissolve quickly in your

The back of the package just contains some basic info about CBD. The products are manufactured by Axcentria Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Looking at their services page it appears to be some type of co-packing plant.

After also trying the drops, spray, and gum, I can say that the CBD dissolvable strips are Elevate’s best product so far. If I was looking for quick relief that lasted long, I would go straight to the strips. Check out their CBD dissolving strips page to get yours.

As for the heating & cooling effect on sore muscles, I really enjoyed having this product on my shelf ready to apply to sore muscles, and quite enjoyed the topical application for a feeling of relief for deep muscle soreness.

Over the last month, my testing regimen has consisted of 3 days of Elevate Pain Relief Cream (rotating heating/cooling) applied liberally over my entire shoulder from chest to scapula and extending down the arm to the midpoint of both right biceps and triceps three times per day: 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 4:00 pm. I then follow with 3 days of Ibuprofen use, 400mg taken at the same 8, 12, 4 intervals. The final week of testing coincided with me working on the build crew for the 2018 North American OCR Championships at Stratton Mountain VT, and serving as a host for the entire weekend. My application covered all the sore muscles from 12-hour workdays – primarily my entire arms, legs, shoulders, and neck. Although the product size is 4oz, I was able to carry the container through TSA checkpoints in my carry-on without incident. I was quite thankful I decided to bring the cooling cream along for the trip, and I applied it liberally each morning and night with positive muscle-soothing results.

I’ve been using both the Heating and Cooling Elevate Pain Relief Cream for just over a month, and have seen some positive results. I was initially unsure about the pain relief benefits from CBD (Cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp) in the muscle rubs and after a month of use I’ve experienced less pain and inflammation in my right shoulder which has been an issue for quite some time after tearing my labrum at the biceps and pectoral insertion point a few years ago. While the injury itself has somewhat healed, I still face daily issues with inflammation impinging nerves and causing radiating pain down my right arm. Elevate Pain Relief Cream has been effective in eliminating inflammation for 3-4 hours per application, and the cooling or heating muscle rub both provide an enjoyable sensation that feels like it’s working to loosen my muscles as well.

THC, CBD, & My Takeaway From 1 Month of Use

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a totally natural, non-psychoactive component of the industrial Hemp plant produced by strains from Cannabis sativa L. It’s just one among more than 80 active cannabinoids and affects different brain and immune receptors within the body’s endocannabinoid system from those impacted by THC, the more commonly known cannabis by-product from an entirely different plant.

Elevate Hemp Extract Cream Benefits:

No. It actually comes from a different plant than that which produces recreational marijuana. Cannabis sativa L. grows fibrous stalks 10-15 feet tall and produces very few flowering buds. It looks more like bamboo shoots. Cannabis indica, from which THC is produced, is the more commonly recognized short, bushy leaf plant.

When using vapes or gummies with a 5mg THC and 5MG of CBD I was able to quickly reduce the inflammation and bring the tendonosis under control along with some pain management benefits but wasn’t too keen on the psychoactive effects. Basically, being stoned makes me lethargic and I found it impossible to use during the day so I would only dose at night before bed. After less than a month of daily use, the majority of pain in my right shoulder was minimized, and I had near full range of motion again. The THC/CBD did not heal the injury itself but was extremely beneficial in treating the inflammation. Eventually, my nightly use became less and less and several months later my yearly card expired. I found no pressing need to renew it at the cost of around $250/year, so I moved on.