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As a medical marijuana expert, I have witnessed many female patients come to the office to secure a medical card for their excruciating pelvic pain due to endometriosis. They have always told me this medicine takes the edge off for them. It’s my nature to always trust the patient, but now science is proving why cannabis is so good at alleviating this particular pain.

Many components of the ECS—a group of cannabinoid receptors found in the human body—are found in endometrial tissue. Rodent models of the disease have revealed ECS levels are regulated by the menstrual cycle. These include:

What is the endocannabinoid system?

I am excited to oversee clinical research studies using cannabis as a treatment for endometriosis in the near future. And don’t worry-I’ll keep all of you posted!

Of note, CB2 receptors are preferentially expressed abundantly in the immune system and intestines and in other tissues such as the lungs, uterus, pancreas, and skin, but do not seem to play a major role in the uterus and with endometriosis. But that’s a whole other post.

If you are interested in using cannabis for PMS, pelvic pain, or endometriosis, then there are options for you. Unfortunately, you cannot legally obtain any products containing more than 0.3% THC if marijuana has not been medically approved in your state. You can, however, obtain full-spectrum CBD products which is sufficient for most people. There are many options, but here are my favorites:

In this episode, Dr. Elana interviews Dr. Jess Peatross, MD. Dr. Jess is a medical doctor who treats a wide variety of diseases from Lyme disease, to cancer, to adrenal fatigue, to gut imbalance. One of her biggest passions is cannabis education, which is what we are going to talk about on today’s show. She shares the safety and use of CBD oil for pregnancy, postpartum, and kids. In addition, she shares where you can find good quality CBD oil products, what to ask companies to verify quality, and so much more. This is such a hot topic now – so listen up. She’s a wealth of knowledge and this episode could be life-changing for you and your family!

Dr. Jess’s Bio

Enjoy the listen!

After debilitating anxiety and mounting health issues, in 2012, Dr Jess had a huge personal awakening. She began to see that western medicine did not have all the answers she was so earnestly seeking. Answers she wasn’t just seeking for herself, but also for many of her patients. She became more aware of the advancement of technology, yet the poor advent of cures for diseases or discovery of the root causes of chronic illnesses or cancer. Dr Jess made the move to the west coast in 2013 where she took some time off work, took up meditation, became a certified yoga teacher, traveled the world, learned about energy work, muscle testing, ozone therapy, studied Ayurveda and found herself. She now fully believes that health begins with Divine, Self Love and Care.

Dr. Jess is also a Gerson therapy practitioner and is excited to offer this knowledge to anyone with a chronic condition, cancer or just needing a detox. In retrospect, Dr. Jess knows she had an unprompted kundalini awakening and was graciously led down the path of enlightenment and her own divine mission. She now believes western medicine is only a piece of whole health. Mind, body and spirit are all connected and need intimately tended to for full happiness. This is the basis for Holistic Consults. As hospitals firmly hold onto their aging beliefs, patients and clients are asking for more from their healthcare providers. Dr. Jess believes that personalized, preventative and functional treatment plans are the next step to revolutionize healthcare. Disease is much easier to prevent than to cure. Dr. Jess would love to help heal you on every level through inspiration, knowledge, movement, nutrition, and eastern and western healing modalities.

Cassy Joy: Ah, that gives me chills. Thank you so much for sharing that. That really means a lot. Tell us how we can connect with you? Are you currently accepting clients? I’m assuming there are some people sitting here listening thinking; gosh, I hope I live near her.

Dr. Jess Peatross: Hi! Yeah, you got it.

Dr. Jess Peatross: I’ve never heard anyone say anything like that to me. That’s great.

Cassy Joy: Oh my goodness, the pleasure is mine! I feel so educated and empowered, and I’m going to look up those brands that you like and I’m going to learn all about it. I really appreciate it. Anything else you want to leave us with before we go?

Cassy Joy: Got it. Like, dissolving a B12.

Cassy Joy: Oh my goodness, this is fascinating. Would you mind mentioning maybe a couple of brand names that come to the top of your head?

So, one myth is that it gets you high. It doesn’t, guys. It doesn’t. And you would actually have to down a whole bottle of this stuff to not be able to pass a drug screen. That’s another myth; will I fail a drug test? So, like I said. Most of these are false positives when people come up with them with CBD oil; we usually have them take the test again. Occasionally, someone will harbor that small amount of THC in some of their adipose tissue, where it’s stored, and test positive. And that’s a very unusual. But for people who have to have drug tests, like cops, some people work for the government, I do suggest no THC added to their CBD oil, although it won’t work quite as well.