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dr blair cbd oil

Dr. Blair is a popular speaker and guest for countless conferences and podcasts. Since 2016, he has presented to audiences ranging from 15 to 500.

Colonel Blair, MD serves as Medical Director of Pro Health Advisor, Inc., and Elixinol, LLC. His current goal is to restore health and wellbeing by restoring his patient’s ECS through diet, exercise, appropriate medications and non-psychoactive herbs, including hemp.

Since 2013, Dr. Blair has been studying, treating and lecturing about the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS), including pre-clinical trials with PTSD sufferers. ECS disorders appear to be the root cause of many chronic medical conditions.

COL Philip Blair, MD, is a family physician and consultant in disease management. He graduated from West Point in 1972, attended the University of Miami School of Medicine, trained as an Army family physician and served as a combat physician in the first Gulf War. After medical assignments on three continents and 29 years in uniform, he retired from the Army and has since been consulting on complex disease management since 2000 with patients around the globe.

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[22:20] – How do supplements work with CBD? Philip recommends taking Omega 3 oil with CBD supplements, as the two work synergistically. Two other important supplements to consider are, vitamin D and Iodine.

[19:00] – In terms of common interactions, the only medications that have been identified as having been altered by the use of CBD are those used for epilepsy, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s disease. Philip explains that positive interactions can also occur and that CBD can often successfully replace the need for antidepressant drugs.

How we have CBD receptors in all our major organs; our gut, our brain, and also our nervous system.

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[24:27] – Recent news has seen a mother have the CBD she needed for her epileptic son, confiscated at the airport. We know both ketones and CBD have benefits for the brain. Alzheimer’s disease, seizures, autism, and diabetes all respond to high-fat low-carb diets and CBD works on some of the same pathways.

[37:58] – Anxiety can be controlled and regulated by CBD in 95% of the time with immediate results. Because there is no toxic dose individuals can adjust their dose to suit their own particular needs.

[51:27] – There are potential benefits with taking CBD while fasting as its effects are enhanced, its mechanisms seem to improve and lower doses are needed. Exogenous ketones can then add to that further, making it even more effective.

[07:44] – Another factor people should be looking at is the certificate of analysis conducted by a third party that examines exactly what is in the product. Questions to consider are: How much CBD does it contain? Does it contain any THC? What other cannabanoids are present? No toxins, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides or biological contaminants such as bacteria should be present.