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does walmart sell cbd oil

Indeed, some are doing just that. Walmart says it doesn’t have plans to carry CBD-infused products at this time and Target, which in 2017 sold hemp extract products on its website but then quickly yanked them, said it’s monitoring the situation.

That seems to be good enough for at least some shoppers eager to calm their nerves.

Walmart, Target, Amazon: Not Yet

Only drugs that have been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective can make claims that they treat or prevent diseases or medical conditions. Many CBD producers try to get around that by using vague language about general health and well-being.

CBD has been cropping up in everything from dog treats to bath balms in the past few months. Domestic diva Martha Stewart is working with Canada’s Canopy Growth Corp. to develop new CBD products. Authentic Fitness is planning to sell CBD foot creams, oils and soaps under the Nine West brand starting this fall. CVS Health is beginning to sell CBD-infused creams, sprays, lotions and salves at more than 800 stores in seven states; drug store rivals Walgreens and Rite Aid are now following suit. And the nation’s largest mall owner, Simon Property Group, has hooked up with a cannabis goods maker to open roughly 100 kiosks at its U.S. malls by mid-summer.

He acknowledged, however, the legal hurdles are still hard to navigate and companies should take it slow.

Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, is widely used as a dietary supplement and it has many potential health benefits. Even pharmaceutical giants like CVS and Walgreens have added CBD creams and topical products to their shelves. But despite the promising effects of CBD, some major retailers have been slow to add these hemp extracts to their inventory list. But what’s holding big business back from meeting consumer demand for CBD? Keep reading to learn more about the hemp products sold by Walmart, and why Walmart CBD oil isn’t a real thing.

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Does Walmart Sell CBD Oil?

With these roadblocks and uncertainty about the future of the CBD industry, Walmart (along with some other major retailers) has given much consideration to CBD products and their massive impact. It was reported that Walmart executives were meeting with CBD brands and sampling products in preparation for the day where they are able to sell CBD publicly, but it’s unclear when that day will come.

If you are looking for something that’s THC free but still contains other beneficial cannabinoids, the broad spectrum CBD oils at cbdMD are a great place to start. They come in a variety of strengths and four different flavor options, so you can customize your CBD experience based on your preferences and needs.

However, CBD is much different than THC and does not cause any psychotropic effects. Additionally, there are many potential health benefits of CBD oil such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, and sleep improvements, as well as maintaining balance internally through the endocannabinoid system. For these reasons and many more, consumers have latched on to the trend and can’t get enough of CBD-infused products.

CBD has a long list of science-backed benefits, so even pharmaceutical concerns like CVS and Walgreens have introduced CBD creams and other topical products to their selection.

Hemp Bombs is your best bet if you’re looking for premium-quality CBD isolate. This company covers an extremely wide range of potency options, from 125 mg to a whopping 4000 mg of CBD per bottle. At 133 mg of pure CBD in each mL, the strongest version can help you deal with serious discomfort, chronic pain, and insomnia. If you use it for daily supplementation, you can get yourself supplied for months to come with high-strength oils from Hemp Bombs. The company sells its CBD oil in delicious flavors such as Acai Berry, Orange Creamsicle, and Watermelon.

Can You Buy CBD Oil in Walmart?

Where’s the catch?

Gold Bee is a great company if you’re just getting started with CBD oil and want to try lower potencies. This California-based brand sells CBD oil in three different concentrations: 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1200 mg. These oils come from organic, Colorado-grown hemp and are extracted with CO2 to provide the real full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Gold Bee uses a natural honey flavor in its oils, which tastes great and gently masks the earthiness of the hemp extract.

No, Walmart doesn’t sell real CBD oil. You won’t find it locally nor online, although there are many hemp products available on the shelves. However, these products are made from cold-pressed seeds. CBD occurs in the flowers of mature hemp plants; seeds are void of cannabinoids despite their dense nutritional content.