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dischem water purification tablets

SoPure Hygiene Hand Wash easily cleanses and removes germs while eliminating stubborn odours. We use the latest plant-powered ingredients while maintaining a pH of 5.5 which is the same pH as

Cream potpourri with microparticles.Tough cleaning.Beautiful results.

R5 799.95

Colgate Optic White Sparkling White Whitening Toothpaste Value Pack 2 X 75ML





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Collagen supplements are generally preferred by women over the age of 30, but this supplement is suitable for women under 30. There is no harm. Experts, that is, doctors, usually recommend collagen supplements after the age of 30s. They recommend 3-month cures twice a year between the ages of 30-50 and three-month cures 3 times a year over the age of 60.

The recommended amount is important for collagen supplements. It is appropriate to consult a doctor before starting collagen supplementation. Especially pregnant women, nursing mothers, those who are allergic to seafood, beef-chicken meat and diabetic patients should definitely consult their doctor and take this supplement.

As a result of the researches; After 12 weeks of using 1 gram of collagen supplements per day, 76% decrease in skin dryness, 12% decrease in lines, improvement in skin blood flow and 6% increase in collagen were detected. You can take collagen as capsules, tablets or sachets.

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Ideal age for collagen supplements

Collagen production in our body decreases as we age, and approximately 1% of collagen is lost every year, especially after the age of 20. Thus, over time, dry skin, sagging, wrinkles, sun spots, thin skin and brittle nails appear. Collagen supplements are often preferred to prevent this situation. As we have always stated, collagen helps the person to have a brighter, more vibrant skin and look younger by alleviating the signs of aging.

From what age should collagen supplementation be started? The answer to this question is important. Because collagen is an indispensable protein for our body. Collagen is the building block of the body. Its main task is to strengthen the connective tissue and maintain body integrity. Apart from the skin, there is plenty of collagen in bones, joints, tendons and muscles.

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