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difference between human and dog cbd oil

According to an article on the American Kennel Club website, possible side effects of CBD use in dogs – based on human side effects – could include dry mouth (increased thirst in dogs), lower blood pressure, light-headedness, and drowsiness.

Despite hemp’s legalization, CBD oil is currently in a state of regulatory flux in the U.S. With this lack of current regulation of CBD oil, there’s a need for consumers to educate themselves about CBD oil products and manufacturers they are considering. In fact, certain studies show that many of the products on the market are falsely labeled. In one November 2017 study, researchers tested 84 CBD products from 31 companies and found that only 30.95% were accurately labeled with the correct amount of CBD.

Morgan recommends purchasing an organic, full-spectrum CBD oil with no add-ins or additives other than the carrier oil, which is usually a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil like coconut oil.

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Possible side effects of CBD use in dogs include increased thirst in dogs, lower blood pressure, light-headedness, and drowsiness. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

“There should be no difference in ‘pet-quality’ oils,” said holistic veterinarian Judy Morgan. “Many human oils are pretty concentrated, so dosing becomes an issue for small pets.”

An important aspect of giving CBD oil to your dog is finding a quality product. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Morgan said that while CBD oil is generally safe, there is a possibility that an exceedingly high dose could cause side effects in smaller dogs.

On the other hand, our CBD Alternative Relief tinctures are formulated on a scaling milligram (mg) basis. We formulated the 200mg to be the starting introduction for anyone new to CBD and for anyone putting CBD into their bodies for the first time. This scales all the way up to our most powerful CBD tincture at 2000mg.

Our CBD for Pet tinctures are created specifically for animals.

First, we take animal weight into account for each tincture. 150mg for pets that are less than 20lbs, 300mg for pets that are between 20lbs and 60lbs and 450mg tinctures for pets that are heavier than 60lbs.

The reason we have our tinctures scaled out at 200mg, 400mg, 600mg, 800mg, 1000mg, 1200mg, and 2000mg is so you can use try a lower dosage and work your way up to a heavier dosage until you begin to feel the desired effects. For example, you would take 1/2 ml of the 200mg twice a day. If you don’t feel anything, you can do 1 of 2 things. You can either take 1ml of the 200mg twice a day or switch to the 400mg and take 1/2ml twice a day which will last you a month.

There is no difference in types of CBD (otherwise known as Cannabidiol) for pets or for humans.

Second, we specifically infuse CBD into Salmon oil because we have found that pets love the taste and it has been shown to be an excellent way to adjust your pets diet. Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin and coat and cognitive function. With PHD Organic’s CBD for Pet tinctures, you can dose your pet properly and it is much easier when they love the taste and smell!

The key is, once you find yourself taking more than 2ml a day, you should get a stronger tincture and begin the process all over. This will ensure you are giving your body the right amount and that your tincture will last you a month. This is why we created the line of tinctures on this scaling basis.

Many people say they feel better, younger, and in better general health when regularly using quality top-tier CBD oil.

CBD oil for pets comes in a various forms. There are two types of CBD oil available for pets: CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays an incredibly important role in creating memories, stabilizing mood, and regulating hormone production. It can help your brain and body learn to adapt to stress, both chronic (like work deadlines and traffic) and acute stress (particularly helpful in survival situations).

An insensitivity to CBD could play a role in chronic illness and may point to how and why our bodies suddenly develop diseases like cancer.

CBD oil has recently made headlines in newspapers, magazines, and social media athlete pages. It is repeatedly touted as a versatile supplement that could help improve the quality of your (and your pets) life both immediately and long term.