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dagga oil price

Goodleaf sells CBD oil in two different sizes. Their stores stock CBD oil in Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg, otherwise you can order online.

Dischem is not the only place to get your hands on CBD oil. Both Clicks and Dischem stock a few brands but there is a much larger selection online. Below are some of the best shops to buy CBD oil online in South Africa.

Africanpure offers CBD Oil for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re struggling with pain, stress or sleep, Africanpure has a product for you (and your pets).


CBD oil can be used to treat several ailments, so it’s no wonder you can buy it from the pharmacy. It can help with stress, sleep and has even been used to relieve symptoms of chemotherapy. CBD oil has also been very popular in treating anxiety.

This CBD oil comes in a few different sizes and flavours. You’ll be able to choose from their natural, cinnamint or citrus twist flavours. Their Hemp Oil Tincture is one of the purest CBD oils available. If oils aren’t your style, they also offer CBD capsules and a natural hemp balm.

Below are the prices and CBD contents of Dischem’s CBD oil:

They offer CBD oil for calmness, balance and control. It’s great for treating pain and inflammation. They make use of EU-origin hemp extract to ensure the best quality.

They also sell some specialist items such as hemp protein supplements and body washes and are a quality cannabis-based health product provider in South Africa.

Dis-chem is one of South Africa’s oldest and most well-loved Pharmacy chains, and among the first to begin stocking cannabis and hemp-based products.

Dischem Pharmacies stock a number of cannabis and hemp-based products on their shelves, such as CBD Oils food supplements, topical tinctures, oral tinctures, and massage oils.

CBD oil Dischem price:

Unfortunately, we have not tried Dischem CBD oils yet since our favourite online dispensaries all offer a wide range of CBD products.

Dischem Sells Releaf CBD Oil starting at R500 as Dischem, as well as Re:think for the same price. The dosages start at 400mg which makes them low-cost and great for first-time users. Elixinol and Cannabex start a little higher, at R700.