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clarity hemp oil

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As hemp extracts are either solid or really thick and pasty, they need to be diluted to make them a true oil that is easy to dose and apply. Most times, vegetable oils such as hemp seed oil, MCT coconut oil, or olive oil are used. Some pet products also use fish oil to make the products more attractive to cats and dogs.

What we call CBD oil is most times a mixture of a hemp extract and carrier oil. The extract can either be full or broad-spectrum, containing mainly CBD but also other cannabinoids and residual terpenes, or a pure CBD isolate.


Hemp seed oil is also a wonderful ingredient in skincare and other cosmetic products with multiple benefits including moisturization, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-aging properties. In the ingredient list, you will find it as “Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil”.

So let’s look at the differences between hemp (seed) oil, CBD oil, and CBD e-liquid to be able to navigate the hemp product landscape better in the future.

The aroma of CBD oil highly depends on the carrier oils used and the additional ingredients that are added, if any. The available aromas range from very neutral, natural hemp varieties to fruity ones like lemon and orange and even super-sweet options like mint chocolate or strawberry candy. Pet products often have meaty flavors like chicken, beef, or fish.

CannaAid aims to bring you the help only hemp can provide. This “Clarity” CBD tincture features a formulation of cannabinoids specifically blended to help sharpen your mind and promote focus. With that, you will also get an entourage of other effects CBD that promote mood, pain relief, stress relief, and many more.

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The benefit of a tincture is that it gives you a potent dose of CBD conveniently and easily by simply dropping it under your tongue and holding for 30-60 seconds. Within minutes, the powerful sublingual administration method begins to yield palpable results.

CBD has surged in popularity for being what many call a “miracle compound.” Whether you seek soothing bliss for the body, mind, or both, CBD can provide relief with no harsh side effects, no intrusive psychoactive effects, and the benefit of being all-natural.

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