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chillax cbd oil review

I’ve been using it daily for several weeks now. On some days, I took it twice a day; on other days, I only took it once. You really have to play around with it to see how it affects your body. Everyone won’t have the same experience.

The other brand is good, but I had to be more vigilant about keeping up with my energy levels and mood so I’d know when to start skipping days again to maintain the benefits without crossing over into negative side effect territory.

After Adjusting

Once I made it through a few days, maybe a week, of feeling more depressed than usual, I started to feel like Trim Healthy Naturals CBD oil was the missing piece to my mental health puzzle. Side effects and other things I noticed:

If you don’t want this particular CBD oil for whatever reason, there are a lot of others on Amazon to experiment with and read reviews on. I haven’t personally tried any that I see listed there, though.

I started out using CBD oil for anxiety–that’s why I became interested in it in the first place. I generally sleep well these days, so I didn’t really need it for that.

Feminine Balance works perfectly for helping me feel more relaxed at night but I’m looking for something a tad stronger that will help out when the stress is overbearing. I’m hoping the Chillax will do the trick for that!

Leave us a comment, below, if you try Chillax or the other THM Hemp Oil blends.

UPDATE: There is something in Chillax that makes me very nervous feeling. I think it is the catnip. Most people do not have any problems with it and prefer the Chillax over other varieties. I just wanted to add my results for up front honesty. You may love it! For me, I do much better with the Feminine Balance. Also, please note, Feminine Balance no longer has the berry flavoring so the taste may be different.

I’m so excited! I JUST placed my, personal, order for Chillax! I love my Feminine Balance but I’m hoping this will help ease a bit more of the anxiety I’ve been having in especially stressful situations lately.

Have you ordered your THM Chillax Hemp Oil yet? I’d be very grateful if you used our affiliate link to order!

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