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CBD is weird – it either works great for you or it doesn’t work at all. It works great for me but quite a few of my friends don’t feel a thing using it

I'm going to try vaping CBD oil for anxiety to try and rely less on medication. I know loads of places here sell it, but it's expensive and I don't want to blow money on a shitty liquid. Can anyone let me know where they buy theirs or somewhere that you'd recommend I try? Thanks!

I’ve had a similar experience to you. Only thing it did for me was made me feel hungover after about a tank full. I was looking for anxiety relief and pain relief (chronic knee pain after a bad break 7 years ago). But others I know have had good experience with it for those exact things too.

Green Mountain CBD is my fave.

I tried CBD e-liquid. It was a reputable brand from a high street retailer and did absolutely nothing at all. Didn't help my aches and pains and didn't relieve any anxiety whatsoever. Waste of time and money IMHO. But that's just my experience – it may be different for others.

There are many products sold in stores that are not what they claim to be. Unless you can see the testing results you can't be sure there was any cbd in it, let alone enough to have an effect. The best way to inhale it is straight cbd isolate

I find that CBD only works with at least a small amount of THC. A lot of those CBD buds are around 10% THC. Pain relief isn't much more than ibuprofen but the high is very minor. 400mg ibuprofen, 1000mg acetaminophen, and a thicc bowl of CBD bud is one hell of a combo. For me at least.

Interesting a valium effect would be extremely useful, the only meds they have ever prescribed me that worked were benzos and I do not want to take those for long periods of time, they just end up being not sustainable because of tolerance and addiction.

Hi I have generalized anxiety disorder and it controls my life, my therapist suggested CBD and I am interested however I'm not sure if the effects people get from it are just placebo. What have your guys experience been with it?

I had found that it can be a good bit cheaper to buy CBD crystal and dissolve into your favorite juice rather than buying branded, premade cbd e-liquid

In the long run (over three months of use) my anxiety actually got worse, though this could be from other personal factors.

If CBD can give me a calming effect even a quarter of what valium does then it would be worth every penny.

What amount do you take if you don't mind me asking?

CBD had no effect on me at all. Literally nothing. Like snake oil. But finding the right anti-anxiety/depression medication made a world of difference and got me back to 100%.

Sorry for the newb questions im just panicking and want some relief really want to get it ordered and try it out

It depends on the CBD product you're going to use. If you want to use a standard vaping setup like for the nicotine right now, you must use something designed for uses like vaping in ejuice like the nicotine ejuices mostly used here (I don't use nicotine for heart reasons, there are 0% nicotine ejuices available). There are a few makers of CBD out there that make vapable CBD juice out of the bottle with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG and VG respectively); but you can't just use tinctures for under the tongue, or stuff meant for these things called "dab pens" or other vaporizers for dry herb or oil. As you can tell, I don't do a lot of research on stuff with THC or "glassware" as there's no point to me looking into it too deeply yet, the governor is an arse.

I'm a nonsmoker that's vaping to use CBD as I'm in a THC illegal locale. The sublingual tinctures were weak as hell and didn't do squat for me, wasted 200 bucks on that shit. I'm trying to use this for pain and mental relief from a painful genetic collagen defect condition (cause I'm hit by the war on opiates against patients in the USA and my pain doctor suggested CBD as her hands are tied but my body is in danger from the pain response on my heart, but that's for a different sub/time) and while it doesn't do anything for the pain itself like I was hoping, it does help the brain not lock down and get super foggy from the pain. Plus, it helps my migraines, so those alone are huge reasons that I'm still using this stuff even if it does Zero for my pain.

About dosing: Start SMALL and work your way up slowly. Vaping CBD will hit much harder and faster than tinctures! It's seconds to under 5 minutes to feel effects VS 45+ minutes to 1+ hours for tincture. I mentioned the diluting it in standard ejuice because you may use too much too quick if you go straight for the CBD only and you want to treat this like a medication. The smallest dose that works for you is what you should use. What's great about vaping it is you can always drop some more onto the coils as needed and take hits until you feel better.

.what type should i be looking for i see stuff like 'tincture' or 'oils' which is a bottle with a dropper