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cbd relieve review

CBD Relieve is another UK CBD brand offering a vast range of products to a large audience. The company was founded in September 2016 and has grown a significant following since then. The founders were inspired to introduce CBD products to the British market after researching the market extensively and seeing incredible success in the USA.

The CBD Relieve product range is a lot more extensive than what we’ve covered here. They offer one of the biggest arrays of products that we’ve ever come across, featuring more vapes, edibles, oral drops, and topicals than you can imagine.

The Lemon Haze, Lavender Kush, and Grape Ape CBD flavored drops from Von Leef come in 10mL bottles and have a potency of 500mg. The Lemon Tart flavor drops come in a 600mg and 1,200mg strength option, each in a 15mL bottle.

What Products Did We Review?

The shortfill e-liquids contain 60mL of vape juice and only come in 1,000mg strength options. Flavors include; Pure Blend, Blackcurrant, Cool Ice Menthol, Heizenberg, Blueberry Burst, and Blackcurrant, Lemonade & Low Mint.

In addition to the company’s own range of products, they are also the exclusive UK distributor for Von Leef CBD. You can find the product collection on the CBD Relieve website.

Although we’re impressed with the product variety and quality, the CBD Relieve brand, particularly the packaging and website, is in need of a serious makeover. The website has quite an unprofessional feel about it and is not very user-friendly. You wouldn’t think that this was a well-established and reputable brand by looking at the website. Additionally, the packaging is unprofessional and a bit boring, especially when compared to other brands.

CBD Relieve understands that offering high-quality products at the right price while providing excellent customer service is key to taking the industry by storm.

CBD Relieve is a supplement formula made in UK. The CBD product is claimed to be manufactured in an ISO 5 hygienic facility. The manufacturer claims to apply pure natural CBD crystals. The crystals are specially formulated in the manufacturer laboratory to produce the e-liquid as well as ingestible liquid.

The manufacturer claims that adults and children with particular medical issues can significantly benefit through regular consumption of CBD Relieve. The product is claimed to be made using all natural CBD crystals. The ingredients are claimed to be backed by extensive research in collaboration with global scientists as well manufacturer independent inquiry. The manufacturer also claims that they are passionate in their laboratory test to promote safety.

Manufacturer Information and Claims about CBD Relieve

The manufacturer has an official website. The information is detailed, well organized and easy to read. Customer contact information is available that is email, telephone and social media accounts. The customer support and sales team hot line is also available. The physical location and address of the manufacturer is as well listed.

The manufacturer claims that the CBD Relieve product is made from all natural CBD crystals. This product is claimed to be totally free of THC, which is the compound present in the hemp plant that gives high feeling or psychoactive properties. CBD crystals obtained from Cannabidiol oil has been shown to offer numerous health benefits.

Users of CBD Relieve product has to choose the use which vary for different options. The variety with power of 100mg to 300mg is suitable to be vaped by an e-cigarette. Product with high strength are meant for use as oral drops beneath the tongue. The manufacturer has a refund policy available for users review. Payment options for customers are listed.

Hi Barbara, thank you for getting in touch.

From the 1st day i tried capsules i knew i made the right choice. So many hemp seed products out there which arnt cbd. I checked lab reports and 100% happy this is real cbd. Dont be fooled by high street shops. Check your ingredients.

I don't normally leave such in the face reviews. A click on 5 stars is about as good as it gets from me, but this deserves nothing less than a MASSIVE thumbs up 👍💖.
The bar was on my shelf in the bathroom still in the packaging and within a hour my kids asked why the bathroom smells like sweets.
It really does smell just like parma violet so much so you can almost taste it! 😍
First time I've tried CBD oil externally, normal I'd use drops under the tongue. Today I didn't take the drops.
I only used a small amount of this awesome CBD bubble bar, under the tap as the bath filled and it's the first time in ages I've been mentally focused without distractions.
I highly recommend this product.

CBD capsules while on other medication

Great products at good prices and their customer service is outstanding, highly recommended. I wouldn’t shop for CBD products anywhere else.

I was going to do a review of the last 3 weeks on the CBD Relieve vape. But thought I'd give you an example of what happened to me last night and this morning. Last night the battery went flat. It's my own fault, I hadn't charged it for a few days. I thought I'd be okay though, as I had crystal healing/angel reiki yesterday morning so I felt ok (she told me I need to start using my voice and opening up – this counts right?!). I went to sleep early as I was knackered. I was then rudely awoken at 1230am by hubby's work phone. I then struggled to get back to sleep. Eventually (after an hour or so) I drifted off. This morning I woke up and I felt awful. I felt stressed out of my tree and was not in a very good place. My energy was all over the place! I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, shoved as many crystals into my bra as I could and got my vape. After 15-20 minutes I started to calm down. 10974903 thoughts racing through my mind started to dwindle and I could hear myself think!
I did notice throughout the day, that if I didn't have a puff every hour or so, I could feel my energy going out of sorts again and 57474 thoughts coming back. As soon as I'd have a puff or 2, it'd go away.

Cbd relieve are 5***** for a reason

Thank you for your updated review and it's our pleasure to get you sorted out and happy again! Again, we really appreciate your regular custom and loyalty.