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cbd oil with thc

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Another option, as discuss above, is to opt for CBD oils and other CBD products that are entirely void of THC content. These products, as we discuss, are usually referred to as CBD isolates.

As far as broad-spectrum or THC-free CBD products, our award-winning vegan gummies have 100% of the THC removed. Unfortunately, various terminologies can differ from brand to brand. You will likely have to do some research to find out precisely what plant compounds are in any given product.

Consumers generally choose among these various types of products based on different factors. For one, the effects of CBD oils with THC may differ slightly compared to those without it. This is due to a phenomenon known as the ‘entourage effect.’ Below, we explore the uses and benefits of both CBD oils with THC and those without.

CBD Oils with THC – Do They Work Better?

For one, THC (full name tetrahydrocannabinol) is psychoactive and intoxicating. It is responsible for the high that people get from using marijuana. THC alters the mental state, and causes users to experience a range of euphoric feelings. And most of the time, it makes them hungry! However, too much THC can sometimes lead to bouts of anxiety and paranoia.

By now, most people know that CBD is a natural component of the cannabis plant. Manufacturers can obtain the non-intoxicating CBD compound from either hemp or marijuana, but of course, oils made from the latter often contain higher quantities of THC – meaning they’re not legal in all states.

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids, meaning they are active compounds found in cannabis plants. The two are relatively similar in this sense, but they have plenty of differences.

All in all, everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different. Therefore, different products will work differently for different people. If you’re unsure whether to use CBD with THC or without, you may need to do a little ‘trial-and-error’ style experimenting. For instance, try out something like our THC-free CBD gummies, and compare the effects to a CBD oil with THC. You’ll never know which is best for you until you give them both a try.

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