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cbd oil wholesale uk

When you purchase from us you are buying the highest quality, whole-plant, full spectrum CBD products at incredibly competitive prices, and helping to share this wonderful plant extract with as many people as possible.

In addition to offering our branded products at wholesale, we also sell bulk CBD which you can add to your own products and brands, or unbranded products that you can then label yourselves.

Are you interested in offering Bristol CBD products to your clients or customers?

We are always looking to grow our wholesale community, so if you would like to stock products from the most trusted CBD brand in the UK (according to Trustpilot) then please complete the contact form, email us on [email protected] , or call us on 07706 031 935.

Whether you own a chain of shops, work in a clinic or are just someone that wants to offer CBD oils to friends and family we are here to help.

We provide lab reports for all of our products, allowing you to sell CBD with total peace of mind.

We are expanding our collection and strive to supply some of the best quality products on the market.

Being a trusted growing CBD brand in the UK, our reputation for top-quality products is incredibly important to us.

Wholesale CBD Oil Products from CBD Queen

We offer exclusive wholesale pricing, allowing you to earn significant returns on our fast-selling in-house products.

(If your business is in the UK, we can also work out a nice deal where you do not need to pay for shipping costs).

Broad Spectrum MCT CBD Oil – This CBD oil is diluted in MCT oil for a much milder, more palatable taste.

Our Absorb range is specifically formulated to be added to hot and cold drinks. Furthermore, they effectively deliver the active ingredients – meaning this is far more than just a novelty way to use CBD.

CBD One has the answer for you.

All products in the Absorb range deliver single measured shots, meaning you can start boosting your drinks with CBD in a very simple and effective way.

Do you own a coffee shop, health bar or similar business? Want to offer CBD infused coffee, smoothies and other hot or cold drinks?

We have a custom point of sale material available as well as all the other fantastic benefits of working with CBD One. Get in touch today.