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cbd oil wholesale dropship

Before we get to the ins and outs of CBD dropshipping, let’s take a look at the product itself.

Brown fat cells aid weight loss by burning extra calories through thermogenesis, your body’s heat-production process.

In the USA alone the CBD oil industry in the USA is expected to explode to $20 BILLION in sales by 2024.

While we may be a little partial, we’d recommend you get started with the Dropified Private Label on Demand plan. You won’t just dropship CBD, but be able to customize all your labels and build your own brand without having to worry about buying inventory or minimum orders.

In the UK it is legal to purchase CBD via PayPal, but because Paypal is governed by US restrictions, PayPal in the UK still classifies CBD as a narcotic making it very risky for CBD companies using PayPal as a payment merchant.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is taking steps toward ending its prohibition on advertising for cannabidiol products through a trial program that allows select companies in the budding hemp sub-industry to purchase ads on its platform, but there are some restrictions.

With no inventory on site or warehouse team to manage the opportunity available to grow your eCommerce store has never been greater. Our expert warehouse team will scale with your business and support your operational needs.

As a leader in the CBD industry we hold all of our dropshippers to the same standards we hold ourselves. Please download and review our Online Only Retail Welcome Guide before applying.

You are in control. Easily track your orders, connect your store, and place manual orders through our drop shipping portal.

Why Dropshipping?

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Charlotte’s Web is the number one search branded on Google and is the leader in the CBD industry in terms of total market share. People recognize our brand for the quality, safety, and premium genetics we offer in our products.

Promote your favorite Charlotte’s Web products on your eCommerce website without purchasing inventory. You make the sale, we receive the order, and then our fulfillment team ships directly from our warehouse to your customer.

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They can also customize the invoice or packaging slip with your branding and relevant information.

We will provide you with all the graphics needed. The product text you need to produce from your end to ensure that Google does not penalise any of us for having duplicate content.

Because you don’t have to pre-purchase the items you sell, you can offer a wide array of hundreds of CBD products to your potential customers.

Automatic dropshipping

Probably the biggest advantage of participating in our CBD dropshipping program is that it is possible to open a large business with hundreds of attractive CBD products without having to invest a fortune in constantly replenishing stocks in advance, with the risk that certain products not being sold and or even expiring.

We expect you to maintain the same prices as our local webshops. The idea is to work together here, not to discount our products in local markets.

You also get minimum 25% discount on all products in our webshop, including products on sale and bundles already discounted with 17-20%.

Whenever we launch a new product, you can immediately list it for sale on your website at no additional cost.