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cbd oil toronto canada

CBD Magic is the most trusted source for CBD Oil Canada wide (Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary…). Our mission is to improve your quality of life through innovative healing solutions, world class customer experience and peace of mind delivery

Canada’s Most Trusted Source for CBD Oil
Canada wide – Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver

We specialize in Full Spectrum CBD oil Canada and Water Soluble CBD.
Other Top Sellers include Pure CBD, Pain Creams, Gummies & more

Top Sellers

Tokyo Smoke is all about cannabis culture. The brand even has a few shops throughout Toronto that are specifically dubbed “culture shops”. These shops don’t actually offer CBD products for sale, only cannabis-related accessories. There is one Tokyo Smoke location that does have CBD oil on hand, though. The official dispensary carrying a variety of cannabis strains and CBD oils is located at 333 Yonge Street. Feel free to call the location at 416-477-3618.

Toronto’s Friendly Stranger Cannabis Culture Shop has both an online store and retail location. If you want your CBD immediately, just head to the Friendly Stranger location at 241 Queen Street West. The name of this cannabis shop is extremely fitting; the staff is friendly and loves to chat with strangers about the miraculous powers of cannabis.

Tokyo Smoke

Another dispensary located on Queen Street West, Nova Cannabis is all about building the cannabis experience for its customers. The dispensary fully understands that not every cannabis user wants to get high during the cannabis experience. This is why Nova has a good selection of CBD oil products on hand, like tinctures, topicals, and edibles.

Visitors have praised Canna Cabana’s welcoming hospitality and chill atmosphere. In their Yonge Street dispensary, customers can browse through their many products.

There are CBD oil suppliers all throughout Canada – many of the located out west in BC – that will happily send their products to Toronto. As long as you can prove that you are of legal age and you’re shipping to a Canadian address, you’re good to go. Focus on finding an online cannabis dispensary that sells pure, high-quality CBD.

Have you tried CBD oil for anxiety?

Our CBD oil for pets is made from hemp and can help your furry friend with all of these ailments.

What can CBD help relieve?

Are you looking for a good night’s sleep? Are you dealing with insomnia or a disturbed circadian rhythm?

Could you use a boost in mental clarity or some help focusing?

CBD has shown to have immense health and wellness benefits for humans and animals, with continuous scientific studies emerging, coupled with anecdotal evidence supporting these benefits. Some of the known benefits of CBD include increased alertness, reduced stress, reduction of chronic pain and inflammation, reduction of anxiety or depression symptoms, antioxidant properties and neuroprotection, anticonvulsant and anti-seizure benefits, and reduction of cancer-related side effects. CBD promotes a state of homeostasis, bringing balance to the mind and body. CBD has also been found to be useful for treating conditions which have not responded well to conventional treatments and medications, such as childhood epilepsy or pet anxiety.