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cbd oil stops excessive sweating

just as there could be plenty of reasons to explain why cbd causes sweating, the same could be said for cbd helping to curb excessive sweating. cbd interacts with both the cb1 and cb2 receptors in the brain, which can play a role in pain sensation, mood, sleep, inflammation, and much more. it can lower blood pressure, and displays anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which could lead to providing conditions for the body to curb overactive sweat glands.

furthermore, people with crohn’s disease also may find relief from cbd. sweating is just one of the side effects that cbd oil may help relieve. other crohn’s-related benefits include improved digestion, increased appetite, reduction of pain and inflammation, and prevention of diarrhea.

it goes both ways, though. people also report that thc consumption helps get rid of symptoms of hyperhidrosis. much like the fact that multiple systems could be at play to cause sweating, the same could be said for why cannabis may interact with a body’s sweat inhibition. thc may make people feel calm, physically looser, or more mentally aware (to name a few examples), and any of these may result in the body experiencing enough stimuli that it no longer finds itself in a state where it needs to produce sweat. it could also be from thc’s direct effects on the body with relation to body temperature.

cbd as a cure for sweating

unfortunately, cannabis research is woefully behind the curve of other scientific research and advancements. massachusetts got the ball rolling in 1911 when they became the first state to outlaw cannabis, and by 1927 10 states had claimed it illegal. our “lord and savior” the us government then passed the marihuana tax act of 1937 (yeah, they spelled it like that lol) and began a federal indictment of the cannabis plant that is still being battled today.

while there is no scientific link between cbd and sweating, studies have shown that thc does have an effect on body temperature . it also has an effect on female hormones, which is evidenced by its widely-recognized ability to help with menstrual pain. thc consumption also brings with it side effects of potential anxiety and increased heart rate, and all of these could also contribute to sweating if your relationship with cannabis goes beyond just that of cbd.

to date, there is no medical proof that cbd oil can cause sweating. however, no physiological process can be isolated: if cbd consumption results in excessive sweating, the reaction could be due to a variety of reasons with one or more of the body’s systems interacting to create the response.

however, just like with every other topic discussed here, there is individual variation amongst all of these. despite reports of cbd oil being effective in these instances, some people have also experienced increased frequency of night sweats and/or hot flashes from using cbd, and individual body chemistry and/or dosage size are only a couple of the potential variables within the overall equation.

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I just wanted to post what I came across that worked incredibly well for me and share it for anyone that wants to try it! I have suffered from horrible hyperhidrosis since I was a little. I get it in my palms, armpits, and feet. It was extremely bad and something I was incredibly self conscious about. I could never wear grey or colored shirts because I would sweat through them. I always avoided shake or holding anyone’s hands.

I tried CBD oil one day in an airport to help with flight anxiety. But I noticed later that my hands and armpits weren’t sweating, which does not normally happen, as I’m always sweating. I continued to use the oil over the next few days and my hands and armpits remained dry. I have not sweat since!! I still sweat when I workout but I only sweat when I’m supposed to. I do one syringe full every morning and if I’m going out at night I’ll do one before I go out.

I have had 0 excessive sweating since. I have tried topicals, medications (glyco), injections and nothing really worked until the CBD oil. It has been a miracle for me.