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Does anyone have any recommendations on any broad spectrum CBD vape/smokable products that they like? I'd love to be as safe as possible as far as plenty of third party lab testing, etc. I know CBDistillery has good reviews on their vape juice, but I also know it contains PG and VG. Honestly, I'm so desperate to find something to smoke that's broad spectrum to help with my myriad of health issues both physical and mental. I've tried just about everything and I'm extremely sensitive to full spectrum CBD and even just trace amounts of THC don't agree with me. Hopefully I can find something!

Hey guys, just posted something similar in the CBD subreddit but thought I'd try here as well.

If there have been a ton of similar posts about this, no one has to reply, but if someone could link me to any posts that cover this well I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm fairly new to reddit as in I don't use it a ton so I'm sorry for looking like I have zero idea how to use this site LOL

My husband started taking CBD oil at the recommendation of my mother. He would get HUNDREDS of ulcers in his mouth and down his esophagus. Doctors put him on a very expensive pill (still in its testing phase) that cut the number of ulcers he would get by 75%. But that’s still usually have 10-20 at a time. It was hard for him to talk, eat, or even smile. Not sure how my mom made the connection that it might help, but he was basically like “the pills I’ve been on for years don’t really help, so I might as well try”. He began at Christmas of last year and within a month he had mostly cleared up. He gets maybe 1-2 ulcers every few months now. He has been able to put on more weight and his quality of life has vastly improved. Plus, if he had stayed on the pill we would have never been able to have kids, so that option that we once thought was impossible is now something that could actually happen!

Did i take too much initially? Do i have to slowly introduce this oil to my system to handle it? Why has noone else complained of having the shits like i did!?

Great list and the fact that you posted pictures of the brands you reviewed gives weight to your opinion/judgement. Cheers!

I am wrecked today with diarrhea. I was up at 5:30am running to bathroom and have been that way all day. After doing some homework, i found that this carrier can cause gastrointestinal issues similar to those that drink bulletproof coffee.

Thanks. I do my best to help the community.

Still looking for a quality product?

Question. Do you recommend a product that doesn't use coconut oil as the carrier? or one without mct oil? I took first dosages yesterday from a broad spectrum tincture product cbdmd advertised through my gym (lifetime fitness) 25mg in morning and another 25mg at night.

I'm gonna be ordering that today. I'm so excited! I just wanna be able to hang out with friends without feeling so stressed haha. And there is a 40% off discount going on.