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CBD Oil and Beta-Blockers, what happens? Many take CBD and beta-blockers together to reduce blood pressure levels quickly or reduce/relieve beta-blockers’ side effects by using CBD oil. Doing this results in an unhealthy level of low blood pressure. This is because CBD oil inhibits the body’s ability to metabolize beta-blockers.

However, this must be done under the guidance and advice of your doctor.

Why Are CBD Oil And Beta Blockers Taken Together?

These toxins include certain medications too. Taking CBD oil, along with natural compounds like grapefruits, has resulted in slowing down the metabolic process of the P-450 enzyme pathway.

So, the first and foremost reason patients combine CBD with heart medications like beta-blockers is for high efficacy.

CBD alone, with no other medications or supplements, has positive results for patients with high blood pressure.

To investigate the possible interaction of a beta adrenergic blocking agent and marihuana, six healthy experienced marihuana smokers received the two drugs separately and in combination. Propranolol (120 mg per os) reduced resting HR and BP; there were no changes in performance on tasks designed to test psychomotor speed, attention, memory and learning. Marihuana (10 mg delta9-THC), administered in smoke, induced the typical subjective state (“high”) with marked increases in HR, BP and conjunctival injection; it impaired performance on a learning test without significantly affecting attention. Pre-treatment with propranolol blocked effectively the cardiovascular effects of marihuana; it prevented the learning impairment and, to a lesser degree, the characteristic subjective experience.

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The intoxication by cannabis is associated with subjective symptoms of euphoria, perceptual distortion, continuous giggling, sedation, lethargy, impaired perception of time, difficulties in the performance of complex mental processes, impaired judgment and social withdrawal [11]. In addition, physical signs of conjunctival hyperemia, increased appetite, dry mouth, and tachycardia can develop in the period of approximately two hours after the use of the substance [11], corresponding to the plasmatic peak of Δ 9 -THC.

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