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cbd oil melbourne australia

Of course, if you do go that route, there’s the issue of cost, which is prohibitive for a lot of people. Sitting at about $10-$15 a day, “you’d probably find it’s cheaper to grow your own (and a lot of people do).”

Neuropharmacologist, University of Wollongong lecturer and Associate Investigator with ACRE, Dr Katrina Green, also notes that after 12,000 years of interaction between humans and cannabis, our understanding of this plant is still very much in its infancy.

“The main thing we need is a really vibrant domestic market. It grows particularly well in Australia — the stuff just jumps out of the ground!”

How do you actually get CBD oil?

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“What is concerning. as CBD becomes more available companies will inevitably jump on board to try and make a dollar out of it. This is the hype that I’m concerned about,” she says.

“We try and just look at this as a health issue and as a human rights issue.”

Especially when it comes to younger brains and an increasingly casual use of cannabis products, Dr Katrina advises: “Just remember cannabidiol is a medicine.”

Read more about where to buy CBD oil in Australia, and over the counter CBD oil that is available at pharmacies and chemists without a prescription – here!

2019: The prices of CBD oil drops with the local supply of cannabis medicines being made across Australia.

Which doctors in VIC are authorised to prescribe medicinal cannabidiol (CBD)?

Local companies, Althea, start producing supplier patients with CBD oil via a courier service.

2017: CBD is legalised with:

2021: CBD oil becomes available without a prescription, over the counter, at pharmacies and chemists across Melbourne, Victoria. Everyday Australians are able to buy safe and affordable CBD oil products without the costly doctors visit to get a prescription!


CBD will not be subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) “until more years of data and assessment can be completed”, Dr Jansen said, though some hospitals are paying for the product “in rare and severe cases”.

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As mentioned above, only adults will be able to purchase cannabidiol over-the-counter without a referral. It will only be available at pharmacies.

When ingested, cannabidiol can take hours to absorb, “then the CBD needs days to weeks to have its effects build up and start to work”.