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cbd oil lipstick

For those who get chapped lips and cheeks, you’ll want this twofer of a CBD lip balm. Dry, cracked skin will feel relieved, smoothed and hydrated after slathering on the mix of vitamin C, shea butter and murumuru butter.

We did the shopping for you by rounding up the best CBD lip balms that will leave your lips soft, smooth and hydrated.

When two mega moisturizers join forces, even cracked, chapped lips will find comfort. Cannuka’s CBD lip balm adds manuka honey to the mix to repair parched puckers. In addition to soothing and conditioning cracked lips, it helps protect them from the elements like harsh weather and environmental aggressors. It also contains coconut oil to condition and guard against sun damage, as well as shea butter for next-level hydration.

5. Hello CBD Vegan Lip Balm – Natural Sweet Mint Flavor

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a CBD lip balm. First, make sure it actually contains CBD, and enough to make a difference. Look for key terms like broad-spectrum, full-spectrum and isolate. Hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same things, and cannabis sativa oil is actually just hemp oil. The difference is that hemp seed oil is cold-pressed from seeds and while it can help hydrate, CBD oil contains active compounds from cannabinoids, which is where the anti-inflammatory perks come from.

True to its name, Lord Jones rules the CBD world. They just introduced their first CBD-infused lip balm and it was worth the wait. Each stick contains 25mg of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD. That’s combined with potent natural ingredients, including shea butter, mimosa wax, beeswax and 18% extra virgin olive oil to deeply hydrate, protect, smooth and soften lips. There’s also grapefruit and rosemary oils to deliver antioxidants and its invigorating scent.

Of course, there’s hemp-derived CBD oil in this vegan lip balm, but the unexpected ingredient is apple seed oil, which is chock full of vitamins A and E as well as fatty acids for smooth, soft lips. The fruit is also responsible for the juicy apple scent. Plus, there’s coconut-derived MCT oil, so the complete combo leaves lips feeling hydrated and buttery.

If you’re all about a flavorful CBD lip balm, e.l.f.’s is infused with both peppermint and vanilla. There’s also 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD to soothe, along with sunflower extract to help lips retain moisture. Don’t let the fact that it’s a lip oil turn you off — the formula isn’t sticky or greasy.

For these reasons, and many others, CBD is now being explored as a possible treatment for everything from chronic aches and pains, to epilepsy, to Parkinson’s disease. However, one of the most exciting areas of CBD research is dermatology.

The endocannabinoid system is thought to be responsible for a number of hugely important bodily functions. It has a huge influence on the health of the skin in particular. CBD acts as a natural supplement to the system. When it’s working at its best, the skin stays hydrated, moisturized and glowing.

It’s thought that the average woman uses about 4 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime. For some women, it’s much more. For others, it’s much less. Either way, one thing is pretty obvious; lipstick is an extremely popular product today.

What Exactly Is Cannabidiol (CBD Oil)? Is It Cannabis?

Like all beauty products, lipsticks are subject to trends and seeing as the cosmetic industry is on the hunt for the best CBD makeup products, companies are trying to come up wit the best CBD-infused lipstick. They change with the ebb and flow of what’s in, and what’s out. One year beauty editors are raving about lipsticks that contain SPF. The next, they’re obsessed with matt versus gloss finishes.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This is the name given to one of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Specifically, the oil is extracted from cannabis sativa seed. There are over 100 compounds found in cannabis, but CBD is the most well known.

This is for two reasons; it does not cause the user to feel the euphoric high associated with cannabis, and it has been found to have a whole host of medicinal properties. CBD oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is now being hailed as the future of natural medicine.

However, some things have remained constant from the birth of the beauty industry, despite the latest trends. One of those things is moisture. Moisture has always been king in the beauty industry. The fight against dry skin has been a long one, and the mission to keep the skin hydrated, supple and young hasn’t excluded the lips.

Vertly’s balm contains 50 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD along with various rich, nourishing butters, hempseed oil, and jojoba oil for all-day-long moisture. You can opt for the sheer, or the rose-tinted stick for a wash of color.

When shopping for a CBD-spiked lip balm to add to your collection, it’s important to make sure that the product has the proper ingredient in its formula. “Benefits from CBD products depend on how much of the mixture’s composition is made up of CBD and how much the marketing plays up the presence of CBD,” warns Dr. Frieling. A lot of this has to do with unclear product labels that conflate hemp oil and CBD oil, (cannabis sativa oil, for example is just hemp oil). Hemp seed oil is cold-pressed from seeds and has moisturizing properties, but CBD oil contains those active compounds from cannabinoids, which contain anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cannuka CBD Hydrating Lip Balm, $9

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Heal your chapped pout with a swipe of this balm that’s filled with CBD, olive fruit oil, shea butter, all trusty moisturizers, plus enticing vanilla for a subtle scent.

On the label, Dr. Frieling says there are three common terms to look for to know you’re getting the maximum amount of benefits: isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. “Three of the terms being used [for CBD] are isolate, which means the product contains pure CBD with no other cannabinoid or additive; full-spectrum, which refers to a product that contains all parts of the hemp plant plus CBD; and broad-spectrum, which is similar to full-spectrum but has different levels of trace THC,” she says.