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cbd oil holland and barrett review

The last problem is really only a problem depending on the individual. Jacob Hooy CBD+ Oil is currently only sold in 2.75% and 5% strengths. For beginners this is great because newcomers to CBD should start out on a low dose and work their way up – this gives their body chance to adjust as well as mitigating side effects. However, for people looking for a bit more CBD, these oils are quite weak. Some CBD oils being sold in the UK are 40% strength, which just goes to show how weak these are.

In terms of price, the Jacob Hooy oils compare quite favourably with other CBD oils on the market:

Want to learn more about Holland & Barrett’s CBD oil continue to read the full review below.

The Negatives

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In the past 12 months or so, the number of people using CBD oil to boost their health has doubled in the United Kingdom. From 2017, the number of consumers rose from 125,000 to 250,000, according to statistics from the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA). This is due to growing awareness and popularity for CBD products, alongside the fact that these products have hit the high street.

There are several flaws with the product. The stand-out problem is that both the label and the website are very vague, and that doesn’t really make consumers feel all too safe. For starters, it is called “CBD+” oil, suggesting that other cannabinoids are contained within the product – this is desirable, as it is thought that more cannabinoids can make the oil even healthier. However, the existence of other cannabinoids is not actually mentioned anywhere – what is it that is actually within the bottle?

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CBD fits into this because it can stimulate the creation of endocannabinoids. Taking CBD is a way to give the ECS a little boost, in a completely natural way. That is why it is taken as a food supplement – consumers are just looking to lead a healthy life.

Holland & Barrett is the UK’s leading health and wellness brand and was one of the first high-street retailers to stock CBD oil. Hundreds of brands have since followed suit, but as of January 2020, Holland and Barrett’s CBD oil is still one of the first products that shows up when people search for “ CBD oil ”.

So is Holland & Barrett’s CBD Oil one of these pretenders, or does it deserve its top spot? We bought 3 bottles & sent them to 3 diffrent independent labs for analysis.

The importance of lab-testing CBD oil

This report makes it crystal-clear: if you buy a CBD oil product without knowing its content and quality, you could be throwing your money away at best, and risking health and legal problems at worst.

With that in mind, we decided to send samples of Holland & Barrett’s Jacob Hooy CBD Oil to three independent UK labs to see if their product lived up to its reputation.

Any reputable CBD oil manufacturer will have their product tested by a third-party lab and will make the results available to customers. Among other things, these results will tell you: